Face to Face with Quality Girl, Presented by Draper Therapies

Todd Minikus and Quality Girl have been gracing the headlines throughout 2018 with win, after win, after win. We caught up with Team Minikus to learn a little bit more about his long-time partner. We discovered that, like most girls, Quality Girl has a full range of personalities that make up this superstar. From feisty Grand Prix jumper to puppy dog, Quality Girl keeps life at the barn fun and full of laughter. Find out more about this spectacular mare in this exclusive interview, presented by Draper Therapies.

Todd Minikus and Quality Girl. Photo by Sara Cole, courtesy of Johnny Robb

How long have Quality Girl and Todd been partnered up and how did they come to be together? Todd met Quality Girl more than 5 yrs ago. A friend sent two sale horses to Todd to be sold, but as time went and Todd kept asking questions of Quality Girl and she kept responding with the right answers. Higher, faster, turn sharper, all seemed to be Quality Girl’s forte. A year and a half later Todd formed the Quality Girl Group with a lucky group of owners that still own her today… or perhaps it’s the other way around— she owns them!

What is Quality’s most endearing quality? She is so lovable and easy to be around. She is like a dog: faithful kind and affectionate.

What is Quality’s one “pet peeve?” Quality Girl does not like clippers— not even a little!

If Quality got to pick one thing to have her way about every day, what would it be? She loves her spa treatments; such as lounging in her Draper warps and blankets, chilling out on the TheraPlate, being groomed and rubbed down with ThermaFlex. It’s all good as long as there is no attempt with the dreaded clippers!

What brings out Quality’s sassy side? When she shows, she knows it is time to go, that brings on her sass and fight. The change from easy going puppy dog to fire-breathing dragon in the ring is miraculous and has served her well.

Photo courtesy of Johnny Robb

Quality obviously loves her job. How does Todd work with that fire when she gets in the ring and use it to their advantage? Todd loves her desire to be a winner. “It make’s showing her easy. You don’t have to chase her around the jumps. She wants this and she’ll fight for it,” he shared.

Tell me about Quality’s best friend. Quality Girl loves everyone, but Cory her groom might be at the top of the list because she loves to be pampered.

Which celebrity would Quality be if she had the chance? Madonna— a material girl with real talent!

If Quality had never been trained to be a jumper, what do you think she would be? A dog, a companion, a pet. She is the easiest animal to do anything with (other than clipping, of course).

Where is Quality’s favorite show venue? HITS Saugerties, NY is her favorite. It’s where she won the Million Grand Prix… and she knew she won it!

Go Jumping!