Long Spot Mondays

Sometimes Monday shows up out of nowhere right in the middle of a fantastic weekend and ruins everything by giving you a good old slap in the face with reality. Doesn’t Monday know we were ENJOYING OUR WEEKEND CHEER? Monday don’t care. Monday wants to ruin your rhythm and throw in a three-stride that should at least have been a four and honestly was best as a steady five.

Your consolation is that we all suffer together – and one good soul is here to share in the highs and lows, the long spots and the deep spots. (two good souls if you count the horse.)

This week’s long spot comes to us from Gillian W and her OTTB mare, Dante. If you check out her adorable IG account, you’ll see these two are as in love as a horse and rider come, but even the perfect couple can have occasional miscommunication misfires.

We are elegance and grace 👯 #overjumpingqueen #thelandingwasfarfrompretty #longspot #horse #equine #lol

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We’ve all been there, girl. Let’s all take this week one stride at a time together!

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Go Jumping.