Long Spot Mondays: Frame by Frame Edition

It’s the first Monday of 2017, and after a bit of weekend debauchery and ongoing holiday merriment, it might take a few extra questionable distances to really get going this week. Which is why we’re honoring the occasion with a frame-by-frame Long Spot submission this week from an Eventer willing to cross the discipline threshold and share her show jumping round hilarity.

Alison Wilaby says of the series, “The little 15.2 hand thoroughbred I was on did manage to clear the back rail of the oxer and did not knock it down. This is from Rebecca Farm in 2006 at Training level, back when I was brave and ignorant! This is my super pony Holla Vettir (affectionately known as Moe) that went on to complete the Fair Hill CCI** FIVE years later in 2011!”

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Thanks to Amanda for the submission, and to her awesome show dad for the photos! If you have a photo of your own to share for Long Spot Mondays, please shoot an email to our editor, lorraine@nationmediallc.com.

Go Jumping!