Today is the fourth qualifier of the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping, and it will be taking place in Linz, Austria as part of the Linzer Pferdefestival, a singular experience on the tour. One can only imagine lots of strudel, beer, ambient Mozart, and charming old world backdrops to an Austrian jumping festival!

Linz, Austria. Cralvarez/flickr/cc
Linz, Austria. Cralvarez/flickr/cc

There are 13 teams competing, and 10 in the hunt for qualifying points to attend the World Cup Final in Barcelona later this year.

The starting order for today’s competition was determined by a draw held in Linz yesterday afternoon, and the host country will be first into the arena. The order-of-go will be as follows:

1.  Austria
2.  Poland
3.  Russia
4.  Norway
5.  Australia
6.  Hungary
7.  Luxembourg
8.  Spain
9.  Portugal
10. Lithuania
11. Japan
12. Slovakia
13. Ukraine

This is the first of seven legs in the Europe Division 2 League, and the teams eligible for Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping points tomorrow are Austria, Hungary, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain and Ukraine. Of this powerhouse division, only two teams will qualify for the Final. Today’s competition starts at 10 am eastern standard time, and will be broadcast live on FEI TV, the FEI’s official online video platform.

You can find the starting order, the results and the live score via and And if you spreken ze deutsch  (clearly I don’t) or just want to enjoy the pretty pictures and mash through with google translate, you can follow the action at the Linzer Pferdefestival on Facebook.
Go Jumping!