Majyk Equipe Boots Giveaway

Full disclosure: Majyk Equipe is one of our sponsors. That being said, they did not pay us to tell you this, we just think it would be pretty rude not to tell the citizens of Jumper Nation that you could win a pair of super awesome jumping boots.

Personally, I think of Majyk boots as the BMWs of horse equipment: They’re high-tech, they’re innovative, and they’re just plain pretty to look at. But they’re also a family company of horse people who designed something better because what was out there in the market wasn’t meeting their needs as equestrians, and I really respect that. (The company name even comes from the name of the owner’s beloved late mare, Majyk Motion. D’aww!)

This fine company is giving away a pair of their 100% genuine leather boots with removable liners to the folks who enter their social media contest. Here are the details at their Facebook and Instagram Pages (If you enter on both sites, you have 2x the chance of winning):

And if you win said boots because Jumper Nation sent ya, do us a favor and sent us a pic of your mighty steed in his/her cute new boots, because we need the warm fuzzy feelings, guys. We’re people, too.

Get to contesting, and Go Jumping!