The Mid-Atlantic Equitation Festival, presented by County Saddlery, will be celebrating its 7th anniversary this year at the Showplace Arena in Upper Marlboro, MD, from November 16th through November 18th. As one of the most celebrated events in equestrian competition, MAEF has continued to step it up and will now be offering over $6,500 in scholarship awards.

Photo Courtesy of MAEF

Known as the “indoors for everybody,” MAEF offers a full range of classes and holds
the reputation for having the most coveted awards at any horse show on the East
Coast. Champions and winners go home with both prestigious titles and some of the
best brands of horse related clothing and wares available. Prizes include County
saddles, The Clothes Horse coolers and coolerettes, Essex Classic shirts, Huntley
bridles, LM boots, and more.

“We are all about fun, great awards, friendship and perhaps, most importantly,
scholarship and educational opportunities for young riders,” stated founders Ellen
Shevella and Mary Beebee.

In the spirit of serving the equestrian community, MAEF strives to provide a fun and
entertaining learning environment for its junior and amateur athletes. This year’s Mid-Atlantic Equitation Festival aims to emphasize this goal by offering additional
scholarship awards and occasions for new, and returning, young riders to showcase
their equestrian knowledge.

Photo courtesy of MAEF

“We can’t wait to greet our annual barns and to welcome new exhibitors coming for the
first time this year,” added Shevella and Beebee.

To learn more about the Mid-Atlantic Equitation Festival, please visit:, or e-mail Ellen Shevella at

About The Mid-Atlantic Equitation Festival: The Mid-Atlantic Equitation Festival is a
USEF recognized horse show and offers a USEF Medal Class, ASPCA Maclay Class,
NCEA Equitation, age group division championships in addition to its Sunday featured
finals. MAEF is known industry wide for offering the best and most prizes on the East
Coast and offers $6500 in scholarship awards. Past awards have included saddles,
bridles, halters, coolers, coolerettes, stirrups, riding coats, shirts, breeches, boots,
helmets, tack trunks, grooming boxes, half chaps, saddles pads, silver and extravagant