Opportunity of a Lifetime: Groom for Lucy Davis

Lucy Davis and Barron. PC: Shannon Brinkman/USEF.org

Lucy Davis and Barron. PC: Shannon Brinkman/USEF.org

Ask any world-class groom: Watching your horses leave the barn and walk down the long runway to the Olympic Stadium in search of glory is every bit as satisfying to them as it is to the rider themselves. You may not have the name recognition and accolades that accompany the face in the saddle, but you’ve put every bit as much of your heart and soul into that moment as the pair in the arena.

If you’ve ever dreamed of being part of such a profound and satisfying moment, a golden opportunity has arisen: US Olympic Team Silver Medalist Lucy Davis is hiring!

Whether you’d be keeping the farm running smoothly in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) or sweating it out on the road of the Global Champions Tour (a series which includes stops in Mexico City, Shanghai, Madrid, Paris and more), you’d be having the working and learning experience of a lifetime. Not only is Lucy one of the significant future mainstays of the sport, but her head groom Tasha Houghton is one of the most respected grooms in the business.

Reach out to Lucy or Tasha directly if interested, and if you book the gig, send JN a thank you postcard from the road once in awhile, won’t you?

Go Jumping!