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Once again, the riders will be riding in reverse order of penalties, so McLain Ward will be going last today on his zero penalty score.

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4:26 – Here we go! Keean White and For Freedom Z are our first in today and they add just one rail to finish on 31. Great finish, Keean!

4:28 – Eric Navet end their week with one extra rail over this course for a total of 29.

4:30 – World Cup Rookie Christopher Surbey and Chala in now, they too have the first fence of the course down, but that’s their only problem. What a gutter! All the same, end on 27.

4:35 – Zeremonies and Laura Kraut! They finally get the clear round they’re looking for and end on 23! Magnificent, legendary pair.

4:40 – We had a small technical malfunction there, we’re sorry about that! While we’re gone American Charlie Jacobs ends his day with two more rails to add to their week. Marcus Ehning goes clear in his round to finish on 18 go into the momentary lead!

4:42 – Lorenzo de Luca in now, currently sitting in 13th place.

4:43 – Lorenzo stays on his score and gives the crowd a huge smile and a big pat for Ensor to end on 16! Well done Lorenzo!

4:45 – Kevin Staut and Hurtebise also complete a double clear to stay on their 16, as well! Really an honor to see this Olympic pair again and end on such top form.

4:47 – Simon and Chadino of France now tearing up this final course. They unfortunately tear down 2 fences with them to end on 23. Better luck next year to a truly iconic combination.

We’re on our first drag, here’s your current leaderboard, but she’s definitely going to shake up a bit before it’s all over:sharp end

4:51 – This second course is really bringing out a variety of issues, no bogey fences. Going to be interesting to see what the top half does with it.

4:55 – We’ve got 10 rides left to determine history. The top 4 are all really in striking distance of the title. Will it be McLain, or will Sweden claim their first World Cup title? Could Switzerland keep it in the family from the past two years in Romain? Could little Belgium make their presence known in the epic comeback of Gregory and Forlap? We’re only minutes away from knowing!

4:56 pm – Here we go! Maikel van der Vleuten and Verdi in now.

4:57 pm – Maikel and Verdi do it! They stay on their 12 with nine left to go! (Look at that topline! He could be a dressage horse.)

4:58 pm – Here comes the VDL Groep’s other mount, Zidane, with Leopold van Asten, who has an early rail down.

5:00 pm – They also take the third to last fence to end on 20. Tough luck to a great pair.

5:01 pm – Steve Guerdat and Bianca crazy-athletic through first combination despite getting a funny first distance, and while they likely won’t take the title home on this score, they keep clear on 12 faults to sit in the lead for the moment!

5:03 pm – In now is our youngest rider Guido Klatte who recovered so well from his jump-off stop last night, with no sign of fear today.

5:04 pm – Watch out for this troublemaker, ladies and gents! Guido and Qinghai will stay on 11 after 3 days of competition; TRULY remarkable. He is guaranteed to finish in the top ten in his first world cup final.

5:05 pm – Sergio Alvarez Moya of Spain in now, looking to stay in the top ten as well.

5:06 pm – He gave that hot horse an UNBELIEVABLE ride to stay clear and sit on 9 penalties with five riders to go! What a round. The horse didn’t make it easy on him, but he made it happen.

5:07 pm – Martin Fuchs and Clooney in now, sitting in fifth.

5:08 – This horse makes it look so easy as he calmly floats around his fifth course in 4 days to also stay on his 9 penalties.

5:10 – Henrik von Eckermann and Mary Lou here to get it done for Sweden.

5:11 – Henrik rides with his heart in his throat and puts in another textbook round! What a showcase of riding talent for show jumping fans around the world!

5:12 – Gregory Wathelet sits on 7 faults at the moment, and needs to keep it there to stay on the podium and possible the top spot, but he has a rail in the combination down the long side! Oh what a heartbreaker. That means Henrik is guaranteed a spot on the podium! Henrik can do no worse than bronze.

5:13 – Romain Duguet comes into the ring. The tension, my friends!

5:14 – Three hard rubs early on, coming to the combo.

5:15 – That’s all they have is rubs, Romain will be no worse than silver! Phenomenal by him and Twentytwo des Biches! Exemplary horsemanship, exemplary horse. What a lady!

5:16 – McLain is in. He’s been perfect. He’s in to do it. Can they keep it clear?

5:17 – He’s done it!

5:18 – McLain Ward flawlessly wins the FEI World Cup Final!

5:21 – McLain can’t keep the smile off his face!

“I’ve always wanted to win an individual championship.”

“I thought I was running out of gas, but the mare is amazing and dug deep, and I think the last round was the best of the week.”

This moment:


5:25 pm – That does it for the live report. Stay tuned for our full report this evening. Go McLain, Go Jumping.