If you don’t follow West Coast Grand Prix maven Kristin Medall Simpson-Ferguson Hardin (who goes by Kristin Hardin at horse shows, for the announcers sake) on Facebook, you’re really missing out. Between show updates, celebrity dubsmashes, and family antics at the ranch, she’s virtually the George Takei of the jumper world.

In her latest only-Kristin-would-get-away-with-that stunt, she convinces the God of the Hunters, John French, to ride her son Zach’s pony around the warm up ring and get a little feel for him. Despite being the two-time Professional World Championship Hunter Rider and inaugural winner of the International Hunter Derby — or perhaps because of that — John is all too happy to hop on (with a leg up from Zach – we are dying) and take Magic Sunrise Boogie Blaze for a hack.

The sight is nothing short of incredible. Somehow John French manages to shorten his body to half its length and sits that pony like a 3 foot jockey on a turf horse. It somehow doesn’t look nearly as wrong as it should. And you know why? BECAUSE HE’S JOHN FRENCH THAT’S WHY.

You’re welcome, Jumper Nation. You’re welcome.