Anne Kursinski Offers Tips for a Better Clinic Experience

We’re deep in the heart of clinic season now, and equestrians are looking to maximize their time at home and get a good bang for their buck. But former Olympian and valued mentor to the developing athletes program Anne Kursinski suggests the best way to capitalize on your clinic experience is to focus on your clinic prep.

Her fundamental suggestions are:

  1. Be early. Being on time is late.
  2. Come looking like a winner. You and your horse should be clean, sharp, shiny and professional.
  3. Watch as many other sessions as possible to understand the clinician and catch on to their themes and guiding principles. This is true of upper and lower levels from your own session. Take notes.
  4. Offer to help up front. You’ll get more attention from the clinician, and learn about the courses or exercises you’ll be riding.

If you attend a great clinic this winter, consider writing a clinic report for Jumper Nation! We’re always happy to accept submissions. For more information or to volunteer to audit an upcoming clinic, email our editor at

You can find out more about opportunities to ride in a clinic with Anne at her website and Facebook Page.

Go Jumping!