Be An Ambassador for Adult Ammy Strong – Entries Due Today!


PC: Adult Ammy Strong

Adult Amateurs are arguably the true, pulsing, lifeblood of equestrian sports, but it’s a weird universe to inhabit. You work all week to make money for your true passion, ride at odd hours and answer emails from the road and the saddle, and to most of the world they can only perceive what you do as a “hobby”.

That’s why communities like Adult Ammy Strong are so important. It can make a huge difference to have a place to inhabit, contribute, and explore ideas with people who totally get why you do what you do. Now you can take that commitment and connection a step further and become an Adult Ammy Strong Ambassador!

Today is the final day to submit a video and join an inaugural, elite group of riders who will represent adult amateurs, their stories, and their voice across the United States (and possibly beyond!) If you’re selected as an ambassador, you’ll have the chance to share your voice and stories on the AAS platform, get a banner to hang at events, and share with others the amazing and singular experience of being a die-hard adult amateur equestrian.

If you haven’t yet checked out the Adult Ammy Strong Website, please do! They have a thriving community of writers, sponsors, and opportunities to educate yourself and improve with your peers.

Check out their site, be an ambassador, and of course, Go Jumping!