Blenheim Jumper Style: See Our 8 Favorite West Coast Looks

Ahhh California. The inventors of the Surf Look, the Hula Hoop, and the Egg McMuffin. They brought us The Beach Boys, the iPhone, and yes, even blue jeans. So even though Coachella is a den of fashion iniquity involving pockets protruding from cut-off short shorts and culturally appropriating headresses (the Coachella music festival, we mean, not the horse show circuit), we still can’t help but look westward to see what’s coming next.

Here are a few of our favorite jumper looks from the Blenheim Fall Tournament:

Emma Waldfogel tells us she’s sporting a Manfredi coat, which is perfectly tailored and a stunning, professional look aboard Diableur, a nine-year-old Dutch gelding. PC: Alissa King / JN

Grand Prix winner Michelle Parker’s flash of belt color beneath her signature maroon jacket is so extra. PC: Alissa King / JN

We’re loving the racy combination of Nicole Haunert’s bright piping and snakeskin detail on the boots! PC: Alissa King / JN

Olivia Brown is sporting an Animo jacket that pairs marvelously with her gray gelding, Chase. PC: Alissa King / JN

Black on Block on Black with just a touch of gold. Perfect. PC: Alissa King / JN

Leslie Steele sports a navy pinstripe by Habit from Valencia Saddlery that perfectly combines style, sleekness, and just a touch of sass. PC: Alissa King / JN

Kenneth Vinther and Colicchio are perfect gentlemen together, with Kenneth’s helmet matching his stirrups, and lapel matching his stallion’s green bit guard. And we love the white mane bands! PC: Alissa King / JN

PC: Alissa King / JN

Get your style on, and Go Jumping!