Complete TV/Streaming Schedule for Rio Olympics Show Jumping

A comprehensive guide to catching all the Rio Olympics show jumping action! 

There’s a lot of things I love about NBC and the Rio Olympics, for example, making every last second of the equestrian sports available via streaming. What I love less is trying to decipher the Sanskrit code of the schedule for said streaming on their respective websites. It’s not the most intuitive system for getting the full lowdown on your favorite sport. Say, for example, show jumping.

The good news is, we slogged through the scheduling muck for you! We’ve got the full 411 on when events are happening in real time (during which they’ll be livestreamed on for anyone with a cable/satellite subscription), as well as when they’ll air on NBC and its network affiliates.  Rio Jumping SchedAll times are listed in Eastern Standard Time, so unless you live on the east coast, make sure you do the appropriate time maths. (FYI – Rio is one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time.)

Be sure to bookmark this story and check back regularly, as we’ll be posting the unique streaming codes for each event daily for your convenience. Seriously guys. Don’t miss Mclain Ward because of a website navigation glitch.

Go Olympics, and Go Jumping!