Daring Dinan and Dougie Simply Slay in Harrisburg for $40k BIG JUMP

Katie Dinan and Dougie Douglas. PC: Al Cook Photo

Twenty-four-year-old Katie Dinan and her ferocious liver chestnut Dougie Douglas positively attacked the jump-off in the big Thursday night class at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show, and they’ve got the blue ribbon to prove it.

Katie and Dougie won the $40,000 Pennsylvania National “Big Jump” over 10 other jump-off combinations with daring strides and heart-stopping angles and turns.

“It’s great to have a win here,” said Dinan. “This is my 15th Harrisburg in a row and it’s my first time winning an open jumper class here. I was second in the grand prix one year, but it’s nice to win a class. It’s nice for Dougie because I think he deserves a result like this. He’s a super horse and he has such a big heart. It’s a real thrill to ride him.”

“I turned so fast into the last fence that I did eight strides instead of seven, which was more than my perfect plan, but his turning was so good and he was so on it that it ended up being faster than if I had stuck to the plan,” said Dinan. “I was thrilled. Dougie was amazing. He gave me everything. He helped me out a little bit in the first round and in the jump-off he was really on it.”

Katie has had the ride on the 12-year-old Irish Sport Horse Gelding owned by Grant Road Partners LLC since the beginning of the 2016 season, and this is the horse’s best stateside finish.

See their full round here, courtesy of EqSportsNet:

Katie Dinan and Dougie Douglas

Congratulations to Katie Dinan and Dougie Douglas on winning the Big Jump tonight at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show!

Posted by EQSportsNet on Thursday, October 19, 2017

Paulo Santana of El Salvador and the flashy Taloubet held the jump-off lead for much of the round, but he was all grace and smiles when the crown ultimately went to Queen Katie.

“I don’t mind at all losing to Katie,” Paulo said afterward. “She is such a sweetheart. I love her so much.”

Paulo Santana and Taloubet. PC: Al Cook Photo

Third place went to Ben Maher of Great Britain and Tic Tac.