Entries Open for Temecula Valley National Horse Show

Entries Open for Temecula Valley National Horse Show

Exhibitors interested in the upcoming Temecula Valley National Horse Show series, making its debut April 18 – 22, 2018 at Galway Downs, have three accessible options for entries, with both printed and digital forms available to suit your preference. Entries blanks are more innovative than ever, with three stabling options available to offer a more customizable horse show experience. Make sure to submit your entries as soon as possible, as the deadline is April 2, 2018!

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Make sure to denote your stall option on your horse’s entry blank. Level 1 stabling is a wood temporary stall, Level 2 is a Chinook Stall, the same as what is used at Spruce Meadows and Thunderbird Show Park, and Level 3 is a permanent stall. Reserve your stall as soon as possible as there are limited amounts available of each stabling option!
Level 1 Wood Stall
Level 2 Chinook Stall
 Level 3 Permanent Stall
For more information on Nilforushan Equisport Events or the upcoming show series, please visit www.jump-NEE.com.