Cheeky New Tees from eqgirl Available at West Palms Events Fall Shows

By: Renee Spurge of LA Saddlery

Now it is time to have a little fun with fashion!  For over the past decade I have not exactly been shy about challenging the stubborn hunter/equitation riders, trainers, and judges who are constantly nit-picking the finer details of equestrian fashion.  I am not talking about hot pink helmets and bling galore, but rather a conservative color coat other then navy, an elegant collar or piping, perhaps a light blue shirt, and yes even some stylish buttons.

Make no mistake, I am 100% an anti-establishment, play-by-my-own-rules, ride-outside-the-lines kind of eqgirl. But I’ve been effective: I have managed to break in some of the most conservative trainers who have finally realized that if their customer’s happiness is easily acquired with silver buttons on their hunt coat, then so be it! However, many of the other die-hards still fail to acknowledge that the USEF rulebook on equitation apparel is still very vague, very short, and very adamant that riders are absolutely not to be judged on their riding apparel.

unnamed-26“A little bling every day keeps George Morris away”, eqgirl fashion shirts. Photo provided by LA Saddlery

When championship titles and blue ribbons are the only measure of success or happiness for some, I have succumbed to the fact that some people are simply immovable in their stubbornness and irrational reasoning.  If they believe deep in their souls that blue ribbons are only attainable with navy buttons and white shirts, then there really is no arguing with that kind of crazy.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually admire the fanatical dedication to their principals. After all I have the same loyalty to my own; mine are just on the hunter green coat side of the fence!unnamed
“Dont judge me by my buttons”, A tee from the new eqgirl line. Photo provided by LA Saddlery

And what better way to spread my eqgirl beliefs then on a fabulous t-shirt? But I didn’t just want it to be another hokey horse tee with hearts about loving your pony, or clichéd lines about riding cowboys, you know the ones.  I wanted the collection to be soft and chic and completely sassy in tone and message.

I teamed up with an old high school friend, who is manufacturing a hip casual luxury brand in downtown Los Angeles, to produce our high quality line of tees.  Shown here are the first of many to come in the eqgirl line.  The model used in my photos is a real eqgirl and the photogenic and personality-rich horse is my very own Cagney.

Make sure to keep an eye out for my national eqgirl contest as well as check out the full collection at the upcoming West Palms Shows. And remember folks, this is a sport like any other, where the main goal is to have fun!!!

unnamed-27“Chase dreams, get points”, shown in an eqgirl shirt. Photo provided by LA Saddlery

Don’t miss your chance to see LA Saddlery’s new looks the next seven weeks at the West Palms Events Fall Series! The shows  begin next week at the Flintridge Autumn Classic at the Flintridge Riding Club, September 29-October 1 and the Sacramento International Horse Show, Sept 28-October 9 at the Murieta Equestrian Center.

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Renee Spurge for West Palms Events