The French Equestrian Federation has announced who they’ve selected for the Rio Olympics! The team is as follows:

French Olympic Team

  • Roger-Yves Bost and Sydney A Prince
  • Simon Delestre and Hermes Ryan of Hayettes
  • Penelope Leprevost and Flora Mariposa
  • Kevin Staut and Dreamer Hurtebise HDC

Traveling Reservist

  • Philippe Rozier and Rahotep of Tuscany

It’s an incredibly powerful team that would have to completely fall apart not to be in the mix for a medal in Rio. The team will have just a few short weeks to get their affairs in order before heading to the Games in mid-august.

The Dressage and Eventing Teams were also announced, and can be found below.


  • Karim Florent Laghouag and Entebbe de Hus
  • Mathieu Lemoine and Bart L
  • Astier Nicolas and Piaf B’Neville
  • Thibaut Vallette and Qing Briot ENE-HN


  • Nicolas Touzaint and Crocket 30


  • Stephanie Brieussel and Amorak
  • Ludovic Henry and After You
  • Karen Tebar and Don Luis
  • Pierre Volla and Badinda Altena


  • Alexandre Ayache and Axel

[The French Cavalry in Working Order for Rio]