GCL Report From London: Berlin’s Rise and Fall, Daniel Bluman’s Epic Save

Need a quick catch-up on all things show jumping team sport-related after a busy weekend? There’s a Sport Report for that!

GCL makes a fine recap video available after the events, and allows you to re-live all the highlights in an easily digestible 5-minute sitting. It includes the best rides, the biggest disappointments, and even a thrilling near-disaster. Get it all below!

And if you don’t have time to catch the whole thing, you definitely need to see Daniel Bluman’s incredible save, brought to you in handy-dandy gift form:

Magnificent save! He went on to circle and finish the round, hopefully no worse for the wear. But as the color commentator said, “that’s not going to feel good on your hamstrings and groin.” How you feeling now, Daniel?

Full results and rankings are below. Go GCL, and Go Jumping!

Season Ranking

Full Results from London