Green is the New Blue Unveils New Website to Help Horse Shows Become More Eco-Friendly

Green is the New Blue, an equestrian environmental organization launched in 2019, is proud to unveil a new website:

A registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, Green is the New Blue is dedicated to preserving the planet by helping horse shows, equestrian facilities and individuals reduce waste and promote sustainability. In addition to educating staff, riders, trainers, vendors, and spectators on simple, yet effective, ways they can make a difference, the organization provides tools to make it easy to implement changes.

“Most people want to be able to do something to help this important cause, and we want to provide them with the tools they can use to help make horse shows and facilities more environmentally responsible,” said Stephanie Riggio Bulger, founder of Green is the New Blue. “Our goal is to empower and inspire equestrians to join us in our mission to clean up horse shows and lessen their environmental impact and we believe this new website will help facilitate that.”

The website was developed by Michael Cruciotti and his company, MAC Sports International, LLC. It features several ways individuals, events and facilities can take steps to help. Significant among them are sections that offer opportunities to become a “Green Partner,” join the “Green Society” or learn about readily available “Green Products.”

To be a Green Partner, all an event or facility has to do is pledge to do something in support of the organization’s mission. The Green Society invites anyone from the horse show world to share their ideas and any steps they have taken to incorporate sustainability into their stable management practices or equestrian lifestyle. The Green Products list shares products for everyday use that can help limit the impact we have on our environment.

The Green is the New Blue homepage.

“The thinking is that the more we learn about what others are doing, the better we all can do,” said R. Scot Evans, the organization’s Creative Director. “You never know what might hit home with someone and move them to do something. By involving as many people as possible, we can build a vibrant movement with a truly significant impact.”

“Our goal with Green Is the New Blue is to affect change in the horse show industry,” said Bulger. “We are looking to lead the way and demonstrate best practices and environmental stewardship to horse shows, equestrian facilities, and individual farms and assist them in adopting practices that can have a real impact on protecting our world.”

“We want to help educate and provide the resources and tools anyone may need. We believe that our new website goes a long way in helping us achieve that goal. I invite everyone to visit our website and find a way that works for them to join our green movement and help make our world a better place to live for everyone!”

To learn more about Green is the New Blue, as well as ways to help make horse shows more environmentally conscious and sustainable, click here.