We’re back for another round of “Ride of the Week” brought to you by our friends at Hallway Feeds, where we feature the absolute best rounds the H/J universe has to offer. These clips are not only a thrilling spectacle of the world’s very best competitors at the top of their game, but also a valuable learning tool.

This week we’re featuring a winning ride by beloved celebrity equestrian Kaley Cuoco (best known for her role as “Penny” on The Big Bang Theory) on Bionetty (“Netty Pie” at home) in the 1.30 Meter Junior/Amateur Jumpers at the Show Park Racing Festival Horse Show in Del Mar, California.

The two have a really spectacular first round, and then turn on the juice for the jump-off!

It’s abundantly clear that acting is not Kaley’s only talent, as she navigates a tricky course on the Del Mar turf full of bending lines and tight rollbacks. She really pilots the scopey mare to a tee, sometimes having to keep the mare contained, and other times seeing the distance and really pushing her to extend to hit the sweet spot.

Near the end of the course she’s got a lot of ground to cover down the long side, really pushing for seven strides between the first two elements and then asking the mare to collect and ready her springs for the big vertical at the finish.

The pair go clear and head into the jump-off.

The jump-off round is every bit as impressive: She takes a daring angle on fence 1 to cut her strides to fence 2, where she must then make a hard rollback turn to her left to enter an in and out, which she tears through with ease. They gallop to fence 4 at the top of the field and make a hard right to another tight rollback to the left, and Kaley and Netty leave out every stride they can down the long side to craft an unbeatable time.

They put in another fast and clear round to win the class, which had an impressive 19 entries. Congratulations to Kaley and “Netty Pie”, and Go Jumping!