HITS Ocala Week VII Hunter Exhibitors Compete for the Blue

Ocala, FL (March 7, 2016): The weekend held big opportunities for competitors vying for a prestigious hunter win in Week VII of the HITS Ocala Winter Circuit. Riders descended upon HITS Post Time Farm to compete for the money in the $5,000 Pony Hunter Prix, unique to Week VII’s classes.

Qualifying opportunities were also up for grabs with the $5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix, a qualifier for the $500,000 Diamond Mills Hunter Prix and the $1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix, a qualifier for the $250,000 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix Final—both to be held at the HITS Championship in September.

$5,000 Pony Hunter Prix

unnamedDevin Seek and Caleche on their way to a $5,000 Pony Hunter Prix win. ESI Photography

Junior riders took to the course in Friday’s $5,000 Pony Hunter Prix to prove who was the ultimate in finesse and style. The team to beat was Devin Seek of Ocala, Florida, and Caleche, owned by Laura Barrett-Gurtis. Seek piloted the large, liver chestnut pony to earn a consistent score of 84 in both rounds to garner the victory with a total score of 168.

Charlestown, Rhode Island, equestrian Abigail Brayman took home second place with Hillcrest Songbird, owned by Canterbury Farm. Their first-round score of 74, combined with an improved second-round score of 81 gave them a total of 155 for their efforts.  Brayman also placed fourth, sealing two spots in the top five aboard By Jove, owned by GC Ponies.

Also in the ribbons was Izzy Beisel of Goshen, Ohio, aboard Weebiscuit, owned by David Gochman. They came in just behind Brayman with a total of 154, after earning scores of 77 in both rounds for third place.

Rounding out the top five was Casey Oliver, also from Ocala Florida, and Posh Ponytail Ribbons, owned by Lola Head. They earned a first-round score of 75 combined with a second-round score of 65 for a total of 140, earning them the fifth spot.

Place     Horse  Owner Rider Prize R.1 Score R.2 Score Total
1 Caleche Laura Barrett-Gurtis Devin Seek $1,500 84 84 168
2 Hillcrest Songbird Canterbury Farm Abigail Brayman $1,000 74 81 155
3 Weebiscuit David Gochman Izzy Beisel $700 77 77 154
4 By Jove GC Ponies Abigail Brayman $500 55 86 141
5 Posh Ponytail Ribbons Lola Head Casey Oliver $400 75 65 140
$5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix

unnamed1Emily Williams and UpCountry Charmer winning the $5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix. ESI Photography

Thirty exhibitors competed in Saturday’s $5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix in the prestigious Ocala Horse Properties Stadium. A new name emerged at the top of the leaderboard as the top twelve returned for a second round to vie for the win and other top finishing spots.

The top five places were separated by mere half-points, but it was Ocala’s own Emily Williams who piloted UpCountry Charmer, owned by Jamie Stryker, to the winning title as well as an additional spot in the top five.

Eleventh in the Order-of-Go, UpCountry Charmer flowed through the course to earn a second-round score of 87, which combined with their first-round score 86 earned them a total of 173 for the victory.

Placing just behind Williams for second was Amanda Steege of Bedminster, New Jersey, and Calvary, owned by Jessica Tindley. They earned the highest first-round score of 86.5 and a second-round score of 86, which totaled 172.5 for their efforts, only one-half point behind the winner.

Third in the ribbons riding out of Southern Pines, North Carolina, Harold Chopping. Chopping and Caramo, owned by Caroline Russell Howe, were awarded scores of 85, improving to an 86 in the second round, for a total of 171.

Williams earned her second spot in the top five with Tybee, owned by Helen Brown. They received a first-round score of 85.5 and a second-round score of 85, totaling 170.5 for fourth place.

Rounding out the top five was Melissa Feller of Lincoln Park, New Jersey, aboard Serafino, owned by Elisabeth McFadden. Feller and Serafino earned a first-round score of 83.5 and an improved second-round score of 84 for a total of 167.5 for fifth place.

Place     Horse  Owner Rider Prize R.1 Score R.2 Score Total
1 UpCountry Charmer Jamie Stryker Emily Williams  $1,500 86 87 173
2 Calvary Jessica Tindley Amanda Steege $1,000 86.5 86 172.5
3 Caramo Caroline Russell Howe Harold Chopping $700 85 86 171
4 Tybee Helen Brown Emily Williams $500 85.5 85 170.5
5 Serafino Elisabeth McFadden Melissa Feller $400 83.5 84 167.5
6 Most Of All Four Tall Oaks, Inc Harold Chopping $350 83 83 166
7 Waterford VDL Linda Schwartz Paige Caskey $300 84 81 165
8 Wild at Heart Jaime Auletto Jaime Auletto $250 81.5 83 164.5
$1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix

unnamed2Elizabeth Bailey and Acido 7 winning the $1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix. ESI Photography

Riders had another chance to show in the ring where the best of the best have competed, Ocala Horse Properties Stadium, in Saturday’s $1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix.

Roanoke, Virginia, equestrian Elizabeth Bailey and her own Acido 7, took home the blue in the $1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix. Bailey and Acido 7 were the team to beat out of the 12 returning horses and riders in the two-round classic. They earned a second-round score of 84, which combined with their first-round score of 83, gave them a total of 167 for the win.

Echo, owned and ridden by Skyler Fields of Wellesley, Massachusetts, earned second place. Their first-round score of 85 and second-round score of 74 awarded them an overall total of 159.

Cynthia Boudreau of Hingham, Massachusetts, and Church Road came in third place with scores of 79 and 78, for a total of 157 to seal their spot in the ribbons.

Coming in just behind Boudreau in fourth place was another Massachusetts equestrian, Corinne Milbury of Boston aboard Parker, owned by Saddle Ridge, LLC.

Jess Lusty of York, Maine, rounded out the top five aboard Anucci. They earned a first-round score of 80, which combined with their second-round score of 73, gave them a total of 173 for fifth place.

Place     Horse  Owner Rider Prize R.1 Score R.2 Score Total
1 Acido 7 Elizabeth Bailey Elizabeth Bailey $450 83 84 167
2 Echo Skyler Fields Skyler Fields $300 85 74 159
3 Church Road Cynthia Boudreau Cynthia Boudreau $200 79 78 157
4 Parker Saddle Ridge LLC Corinne Milbury $150 81 75 156
5 Anucci Jess Lusty Jess Lusty $125 80 73 153
6 Flo Rida Donald Stewart Caleb Cooney $100 71 79 150
7 Cape Town Katie Daoud Katie Daoud $100 73 75 148
8 Belvedere Paige Trzaskawka Trzaskawka $75 74 70 144