Show of a Different Color: Adult Amateurs Only Horse Show

It’s not always easy being an Adult Amateur. There is often quite a bit of pressure for the Adult Ammy community, especially for those who might have had a late start in the saddle or recently started riding after a long break.

Molly Mindy joked about wanting to open up a positive and fun show environment for the Adult Ammy community and after much positive feedback, she decided to take that thought and spin it into reality. This show, which might be one of the first of its kind, will be held on July 29th at 10:00 am at the North Atlanta Equestrian Center in Cartersville, Georgia.

Provided by Molly Mindy
Provided by Molly Mindy

    • Late start time so we can get our zzzz’s in? check.
    • Do overs? check.
    • No eliminations? check.
    • Warm, inviting, and friendly environment? double, triple, quadruple check.

In addition to the great atmosphere, Molly is offering a variety of fun awards to keep you laughing throughout the day such as ‘Best Use of Plan B,’ ‘At Least We Look Good,’ and for the feisty mares in attendance the ‘Hot Mess Express’ award.

Provided by Molly Mindy

Provided by Molly Mindy

Provided by Molly Mindy

To allow all Adult Amateurs the chance to participate, the show is opened up many disciplines. No matter if you enjoy Dressage, Showmanship, Trail (in hand and ridden), Barrels, or the Hunter Jumpers- there will be a class for you. This all breeds show is open to almost all Ammies seeking a place to learn and have that show experience with a whole lot of fun in the mix.

So if Georgia is within a driving distance to you, load on up and head on down. You are guaranteed to have a blast while surrounded by your fellow Adult Ammies. Plus- you can’t beat that beautiful Georgia weather!

Entries open June 1, and you can find more information about the show on their event page.

Go Adult Ammies, and Go Jumping!