Welcome to our live coverage of the second qualifying round of show jumping at the Rio Olympics! We’ll be getting started at 9 a.m. ET with individual riders going first, then team riders following that.

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9:01 – Luciana Diniz of Portugal is on course.

9:03 – Luciana beautifully redeems herself after a rail in round 1 to move on in individual competition!

9:06 – Rene and his stunning gray pick up 12 jump faults and 1 time fault in their 2nd round.

9:08 – Greg and Going Global of Ireland are in the ring!

9:09 – a foot in the open water for Greg, shoot! 4 faults for the water, one time fault. That time fault may be the difference for Greg.

9:10 – 52 year old Pablo Barrios of Venezuela is in the ring now. We know the Brazilians are thrilled to see so many Latin American countries represented at these games!

9:12 – Pablo pulls two rails and a brick off the wall to end with 12 faults.

9:13 –  Alonso Valdez Prado collects 16 on the course for Peru in his Olympic debut.

9:15 – Abdelkebir Quaddar for Morroco on course.

9;17 – 9 penalties for Abdelkebir, also making his Olympic debut! He also carried the flag for his nation in the opening ceremonies. Not a bad first showing, sir!

9:18 – Nestor Nielsen Van Hoff of Uruguay now.

9:19 – Another nine fault round for Nestor – the last line – the wall followed by the combination to the finish is proving very eventful for these early riders.

9:20 – Jerome Guery for Belgium in now. Love this chromey horse, Chief!

9:22 – Jerome was looking so sharp until the end, then took 8 jumping faults at water and final combination, as well as 2 time.

9:24 – Karim Elzoghby for Egypt up now. He too takes 9 penalties.

9:26 – Cassio Rivetti of Ukraine up now. They too had a terrible day in round one, hoping for redemption.

9:28 – Foot in the water for Cassio, but otherwise clear for Cassio. That’s big early on where we’ve seen a lot of rails, minus, Luciana.

9:29 – Toshiki Mosiro takes 12 faults for the Japanese team to start out.

9:31 – Ramiro Quintana of Argentina in now. Based in Wellington FL of the good old US of A!

9:33 – Ramiro clear of jumping faults and just 1 time fault! the Argentine crowd is making their euphoria known!

9:34 – Matt Williams of Australia in now – the horse is a descendant of the famous racehorse Nijinsky.

9:35 – Matt and the beautiful Valinski S go clear for Australia!

9:38 – Ulrich Kirchhoff of Ukraine pick up eight faults. He was lucky not to have a major disaster with miscommunication at the water.

9:39 – Daisuke Fukishima of Japan in now on Cornet 36. This horse has scope for days! The pair go clear in jumping, one time fault. Japan will be incredibly happy with that!

9:42 – Bruno Passoro of Argentina and Chicago Z have a disappointing round with 24 faults, but still get massive cheers from Argentine fans.

9:44 – Scott Keach for Australia now. Scott was an Olympic eventer back in the 1980s!

9:46 – Today wasn’t his day in the show jumping ring, going head over heels into the open water. Gutting for Australia! Scott and Fedor appear to be okay.

9:48 – Ferenc Szentermai for Ukraine now in the ring to make Olympic debut. They have a penalty at the water and immediately following the water, as well as one time fault to end with 9.

9:49 – They are reporting Ukrainian teammate Cassio Rivetti as disqualified. Will report more when we know.

9:52 – Takeida Reiko of Japan has just a time fault to add to yesterday’s individual score, and a great help to Japan, which is currently leading in the lower-ranked morning pack of nations.

9:54 – Matias Albaraccin of Argentina goes clear with just one time fault!

9:56 – Edwina Tops-Alexander on course for Australia now. This is a critical round with Scott’s fall earlier.

9:57 – Edwina has an unfortunate foot in the water but otherwise clear. Down but not out for the down under!

9:59 – Rene Tebbel and Zipper in now.

10:00 – Rene and Zipper collect one time fault for Ukraine. That puts the Ukrainian team on a total of 14 faults for the day. They are reporting that Cassio Rivetti’s DQ was reportedly (unconfirmed) because of blood from spur marks.

10:01 – Taizo Sugitani of Japan can’t better Japan’s score with 12 faults in this round. They will count this round, giving Japan a total of 14 faults as well.

That brings us to our first break of the day!

Rene Tebbel of Ukraine, Takeda Reiko of Japan, Matias Albarracin of Argentina, and Edwina Tops-Alexander are all qualified as individuals to move on to the next round.

Although Luciana Diniz went clear today, she carried eight faults with her from the first qualifying round as an individual, therefore her continuation in the indvidual competition is still in jeopardy.

A reminder that you can follow live scores here: http://rio2016.live.fei.org/Jumping2/live

10:16 – We’re back from the break! The Anchor for Argentina in, Jose Maria Larocca is in now.

10:19 – a pole and a foot in the water put Jose at 8 faults, making it 12 for Argentina on day 1.

10:21 – James Patterson Robinson is in now for Australia – another pressure round with Scott Keach out.

10:22 – James and Amarillo add nine faults to Australia’s team score, putting them at 18 faults.

We’re hearing the synchronized drag tractors were a hug hit during the break, with brazilian flags flying:

The next rotation of teams begins now:

10:23 – Nick Skelton of Great Britain coming in for his 7th Olympics.

10:25 – Heartbreakingly unlucky at water, takes 4 faults.

10:26: Kent Farrington in with Voyeur for Team USA! Kent was the lone clear round for USA in round 1, so this will be huge for his individual chances as well.

10:28 – We’re not biased, but USA USA USA WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT!!! Clear round for Kent Farrington and Voyeur!!!!

10:29 – I’ve been informed that we’re actually extremely biased.

10:29 – Next in is Lucrecia Pilar Cordon of Spain. There’s some rather intense yelling in the stadium – not sure if it’s just enthusiastic supporters, or trouble. She leaves with 8 terribly unlucky faults at the last 2 fences.

10:33 – Malin Baryard Johnnson of Sweden has one unlucky rub three from home to head out with 4 faults.

10:34 – Qatar’s first rider in Hamad Ali al Attiyah rushes to get home and brings down a rail in the process, starting the Qataris at 5 faults. Not bad for an Olympic debut at 21 years old!

10:37 – Dutch Superstar Jeroem Dubbeldam in and jumping beautifully on Zenith.

10:38 – THAT’S how it’s done, y’all. Jeroem and Zenith go clear and JUST inside the time. Will Jeroem repeat his championship from Sydney 2000 games??

10:39 – Yann Candele of Canada is in now!

10:41 – Another brilliant clear round, this one for Canada! First Choice 15 certainly lived up to his name today.

The Brits are not letting the water faults for Nick Skleton go:

10:44 – Janika Sgrunger for Switzerland takes 8 faults.

10:45 – We’re getting reports that it’s not just the fans who are mad about the water – GB is appealing the water faults.

10:46 – Frenchman Philippe Rozier collects four faults to kick things off for France.

10:47 – The crowd goes absolutely nuts as Brazilian Eduardo Menezes enters ring.

10:48 – WOWEE! A clear for the home team and the crowd goes absolutely wild!!!

10:49 – Christian Alhmann and Toulebet Z, ranked #1 in the world, now enter the ring for Germany. This is Christian’s fourth Olympics.

10:51 – The lovely 16-year-old stallion who is my main horse crush of these games is MAGNIFICENT. Three seconds under the time and marvelously clear. The pair have gone clear in both the 1st and 2nd rounds.

10:53 – Ben Maher for Great Britain and Tic Tac in the ring now.

10:54 – Ben and Tic Tac finish on four faults. The team will no doubt be hoping to win that appeal to stay in the medal hunt.

10:55 – Lucy Davis and Barron now in the ring for Team USA!

10:56 – clear through triple.

10:57 – CLEAR FOR LUCY!!! And also one of the fastest of the day with 75.6 seconds!!!

11:00 am Manuel Fernandez Saro brings home four faults for Spain.

11:03 – Peder Fredricson of Sweden aboard All In have a beautiful round to go clear for the Swedes!

11:04 – Sheik Ali al Thani of Qatar in now, another of the flag bearers at the Opening Ceremonies of the Rio Games.

11:06 – Sheik Ali and First Devision have the middle fence of the triple down but are otherwise clear to make it 4 faults for Qatar so far.

11:07 – Maikel Van Der Vleuten of the Netherlands brings home a soft, quiet, lovely clear. They are one of three teams still going clear so far in round two!

11:08 – Tiffany Foster and Tripple X are in for Team Canada!

11:11 – Tiffany brings home one unlucky rail, and looks surprised to have it down.

11:12 – Romain Duguet of Switzerland has a beautiful clear round, and the Swiss fans go absolutely crazy!

11:13 – Kevin Staut of France in now aboard Reveur de Hurtebise. For a moment we thought the crowd had suddenly turned very French, but in fact:

11:15 – The next Brazilian is in! This is Stephan de Freitas Barcha.

11:17 – Shucks. They have the fence just prior to the water, as well as a foot in the water itself to finish on eight faults, but they’ve still got the clear round from Eduardo Menezes earlier in the day.

We on our next drag break! About 10 minutes until the next wave of riders.

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Here are the current team standings, though we’ve got a long way to go. Only the teams showing a rank have completed all their riders:

current team standings

11:33 – We’re back to the action and starting with a big hitter, Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum for Germany aboard Finonacci.

11:34 – Meredith is proving to be a hell of a reserve rider for Germany, having gone clear in Round 1.

11:35 – Meredith is .08 seconds under the time to barely go clear for Germany! What a magnificent ride.

11:38 – The water continues to curse Great Britain’s Michael Whitaker, as well as adding a time fault.

11:39 – Mclain Ward in now! #USAUSAUSA

11:41 – Another clear for Mclain Ward and Team USA! Announcer: “You’d think all of Robert Ridland’s birthdays had come all at once today.” WE COULDN’T AGREE MORE. YOU CAN HAVE ALL THE BIRTHDAYS, MCLAIN.

11:42 – Eduardo Alvarez Aznar has two refusals at the second fence of the triple combination for an elimination or Spain. Terribly tough for Eduardo and Espana. They can still qualify with their anchor rider.

11:44 – Henrik Von Eckermann of Sweden in the ring now. Has a rail down in the combination, they take a visual look at his landing on the open water but no penalty, so they walk about with a 4. The Swedes must count that, so they will have at least four going into the next round.

11:46 – Qatar’s next rider in now – Ali Yuossef al Rumaihi.

11:48 – Just one time penalty for Qatar, meaning they’re looking at a potential 5-penalty finish. A tremendous showing for the country’s team debut in Equestrian sports at the Olympic Games!

11:51 – Team Orange Harrie Smolders goes clear to make the crazy dutch crowd happy as clams!

11:52 – Canada’s Amy Millar in now aboard Heros and you can hear her shouting to get him clean through the triple.

11:53 – Amy and Heros bring down a very visually hollow blue vertical before the wall fence and have 1 time to give Canada 5 team faults.

The US and Netherlands are guaranteed slots in the next round as the only teams to go completely clear through their first three riders in the team round. Sweden and Netherlands currently tied at 8 but still have rides to go.

11:56 – Switzerland’s Martin Fuchs went clear in his second round, big for team Swiss!

11:57 – Roger Yves Bost now in for France

11:58 – Sydney Une Prince leaping out of his skin for Bosty – it was incredibly scrappy, not terribly pretty, but no jumping faults and one time fault.

12:00 – Alvaro Doda de Miranda for Brazil puts in absolutely tear-jerking clear in Rio – the crowd went from shockingly silent to absolutely eruptive. Goosebumps for anyone with a soft spot for home teams! And now they’re playing the Austin Powers theme. It’s positively amazing.

12:03 – Daniel Duesser in now for Germany to try and be the third team to qualify on a zero score.

12:05 – First Class cleared everything with inches to spare and just under the time, to make Germany our third perfect team!

12:06 – Great Britain’s John Whitaker has a refusal going into the triple, absolutely gutting. They take down the pole going into their second attempt of the triple, and then the last two fences down at well. That puts Great Britain at 13 faults for their final team score. Gutting for the veteran team.

12:08 – Beezie is in for Team USA – while they don’t need her round to move on, she’ll jump to qualify as an individual.

12:10 – Beezie and ‘Tiny’ have a rail down that hasn’t come down hardly at all today, and then puts a foot in the water for eight faults. When added to their first round individual qualifier, this likely puts Beezie out of individual contention. What a pity.

12:12 – Sergio Moya Alvarez of Spain puts in a CLUTCH anchor round for Spain, for a team total of 12.

12:14 – Show Jumping icon Rolf-Goran Bengsston of Sweden has a foot in the water but otherwise a strong round for Sweden. That leaves the Swedish team with 8 total faults, and they will qualify for the final team round!

12:17 – Bassem Hassan Mohammed of Qatar gets a foot in the water but otherwise a really class round from the anchor rider to leave Qatar at nine faults. That will likely be enough to qualify for the team final.

12:19 – Jur Vreiling is the anchor for the Dutch Orange, and has a refusal going into the triple.

12:20 – On the second attempt he jumps the first but not the second in the triple combination, thus eliminating Jur. The Netherlands will go through regardless on their three previous clears.

12:22 – Eric Lamaze is in for Canada!

12:23 – Eric had to pilot Fine Lady 5 through every last fence with gusto, but it worked! And Canada qualifies in fourth place with just four team faults! Go Canada!

12:25 – Switzerland’s anchor rider Steve Guerdat didn’t have the world championship ride he’d hoped for, bringing home a rail and a foot in the water for 8 faults. That makes it an 8-fault team total, but good enough to go on to tomorrow for Team Switzerland!

12:27 – Penelope Leprovost comes back from a freak fall yesterday to show why she is the top ranked woman in the world and #3 overall. She is clear through this round and France enters team final on one total time fault!

12:30 – Brazil’s Pedro Veniss and Quabri d’Isle looking so majestic. That coloring is magnificent! They have a clear round, and flags are flying, tears are falling, and voices are going hoarse in the stands. The 13,000+ folks in the stands are chanting and jubilant.

12:32 – Our last of the day (BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST) is Ludger Beerbaum for Germany aboard Casello.

12:34 – Ludger has a surprising rail over the rainforest liverpool fence near the end of the course. That puts him on eight faults individually, but Germany qualifies regardless with their score of zero.

Here are the teams qualified for the Team Final tomorrow at 10 a.m. ET:

final eight

The Qataris making their Olympic debut were just one time fault out of the running, but still a showing to be proud of for their first team.

In the individual standnings, Luciana Diniz was the only non-team member to move on to the individual jumping final.

Riders with a cumulative ten faults or less will move on to the individual final on Friday.

[Click here for individual start list, then tab over for results and to see who is qualified]

We’ll be bringing you a full report soon, so be sure to keep it locked in Jumper Nation for continued show jumping coverage from Rio!