Jumper Problems: Olympics Streaming Edition

We’ve all got problems, usually related to tack, baling twine, horse poop, dirty cars, or entry fees. But this week, a fair share of Jumper Problems have been trying to navigate the NBC Olympics apps, streaming, and results. We feel your pain, Jumper Nation. I mean, they’re first world problems. But still.

This sad person, who thinks Jumping is boring:

(also, Synchronized swimming is not boring either. That bling and those moves are ridiculous.)

When no one knows your sports heroes:


People who get real mad that the horses don’t get the medals (someone tell him he’s the 46,853rd person to make this joke on Twitter):

When you have straight up streaming probs at the worst possible moment:

When you someone’s posted an awesome clip and you get this error:


When you have to give the backstory to a layperson and your crazy is showing:

When your boy is IN IT and you’re dying:


When they talking ’bout your boy in another language and you want to like it, but you’re not sure if it’s good or bad: (There’s a ‘magnifique’ in there but also a ‘tragedie’, so I’m out.)


When your bae has a rail:


When your girl MMB gives everyone a heart attack:


When people make fun of your sport, but are also a little bit right:

And of course, we editors have Olympic Jumper Problems, too:

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