#JumperProblems, Volume 7

Hunters, jumpers, equitation riders … we’ve all got #jumperproblems, and it’s high time we rallied on social media to share those problems with the world.

There are a few situations that are unique to our world, and in this series, we’ll be celebrating and sharing those problems here on Jumper Nation. Tag your tweets and Instagram with #jumperproblems to be featured in an upcoming edition! Find past volumes by clicking the #jumperproblems hashtag at the bottom of the page.

? .. #storyofmylife #equestrianlife #equestrianproblems

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We would laugh at us too if we saw our outfits in public #equestrianproblems ?

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How do I oxer? What are legs? #OTTB #horse #thoroughbred #eventerproblems #equestrianproblems #somanylegs #somuchfail

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Nobody understands that my riding socks are like a pirate sock and pegleg. #equestrian #equestrianproblems #woeisme

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And this is why I hate velcro bell boots. This is after one day. ? #equestrianproblems

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