Kama Godek’s Scarecrow Costume Is the Best Thing on the Internet

Kama Godek and De Grande. Photo by Lorraine Jackson

Kama Godek’s talent secures her spot in the USA’s show jumping program regardless of additional skill sets, but that fact that she’s got a knack for all things viral certainly doesn’t hurt.

We simply adored her live video ride through the Central Park Horse Show a few weeks back, and Thursday night at the Washington International Horse Show, she may have just one-upped herself again.

There were dozens of spectacular disguises donned during the $35,000 Accumulator Costume Class, but none brought as many gasps, guffaws, or outright shrieks as Kama Godek and De Grande. The pair strode into the ring following a fairly tame but charming skeleton/pumpkin scenario from Aaron Vale, and the already-raucous crowd nearly lost their minds when they saw what she was sporting.

Kama rocked a scarecrow costume complete with long, stiff, broomstick arms, a massive straw hat, and all the autumnal fixins to accompany the harvest look. Her real hands were disguised in black to match her horse, creating a double-take illusion that delighted the Barn Night spectators, and the whole ensemble made five-star jumping seem near-impossible.

But jump around she did, and while it wasn’t Kama’s night to win the actual class, the look was enough to win the $1,000 bonus check for best costume, and it seems the decision was unanimous based off the crowd’s reaction. See the full gallery of Kama’s costume from all angles, and keep it locked on JN for more insanity from WIHS!

Go Jumping.

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Kama Godek and De Grande. Photo by Lorraine Jackson