Krispy Kreme to Sponsor New CSI5* Show Jumping Spectacular in Omaha, Nebraska in 2020

In a recent press release, the United States Equestrian Federation announced a new partnership between international donut mogul Krispy Kreme and the USEF. As part of the sponsorship agreement, the inaugural Krispy Kreme CSI5* Show Jumping Spectacular was born. This one-of-a-kind show jumping experience will be held in the fall of 2020, with an exact date to be released at a later time.

“While most upper-level competitions are sponsored by a luxury brand, Krispy Kreme felt its partnership was more in keeping with an American lifestyle,” shared Caramel Glaze, Senior Director of Marketing for Krispy Kreme.

In addition to the show sponsorship, Krispy Kreme will be providing free donuts and their signature bold roasted coffee for all competitors and spectators each morning throughout the event.

“Americans don’t want luxury timepieces,” continued Glaze. “We’ve found that even at the upper levels, all an American show jumper really wants is to kick back with a dozen donuts.”

In addition to the CSI5* class, a variety of classes will also be held from entry-level rankings leading up to the CSI5* show jumping spectacular.

“This isn’t Monaco or Germany, where everyone expects these high-end luxury company partnerships. This is America, the land of excess!” shared USEF Chief Marketing Director Hunter Jumps. “We are so excited to watch this partnership develop and see this competition come to life.”

Bids are currently being accepted for jump designers to create a larger-than-life donut jump, complete with light-up sprinkles, for the Grand Prix class. “We think this jump will be a fan favorite and will add a bit of a challenge to the class,” Jumps commented.

Go Jumping!


Oh.. and Happy April Fools Day!