Lexi Maounis Pilots Fetching to Victory in WEF Osphos A/O Hunter 3’3″

Wellington, FL – March 12, 2016 – Lexi Maounis and her mount Fetching earned three blue ribbons on the way to the Osphos® Amateur-Owner Hunter 3’3″ division championship this week. The pair won both over fences classes and the under saddle on Friday afternoon, and earned a sixth-place ribbon over fences on Saturday. Vivian Yowan settled for the reserve honors aboard Saddle Ridge LLC’s Anytime, earning fourth in the under saddle and a third and two second place ribbons over fences.


Lexi Maounis and Fetching. Photo: Sportfot

Maounis, of Greenwich, CT, was thrilled with her rounds this week. “Luke,” as he is affectionately called, is a seven-year-old Holsteiner gelding purchased by Maounis last summer. “I’m really excited because this is my first time getting a champion with Luke!” Maounis said. “He went so well yesterday. Winning all three classes was really exciting!”

Winning three classes on Friday took some pressure off of Maounis to win on Saturday, but she still wanted to give it her best. “We had an unfortunate rail in the first round today, so I was a little worried about the second round,” she revealed. “But, Luke is such a good horse that he went back in and we had a great second trip.”

Patricia Griffith, who trains Maounis out of Heritage Farm, has been successfully competing with the young gelding since Maounis purchased him in August. “He’s a younger horse that needed some experience, and Patricia has given him that,” Maounis said. “She has been doing him in the Green Conformation at WEF, and it has been going really well.

“It was really nice that once the horse got down to Florida, Patricia already knew him so well. Patricia showing him made the transition to me riding him that much easier,” she continued.

“He has a big stride for a tiny horse and has such a smooth jump,” she remarked. “He has the best personality, an amazing temperament, (and) is so sweet.”

Maounis and Luke have spent the last few weeks of competition getting comfortable and familiar with each other. This week, things finally came together for the pair. “I’m so excited to have won a championship. Luke and I are really getting to know each other well now,” she commented.


Lexi Maounis and Fetching in their championship presentation. Photo: Sportfot

Maounis, a 21-year-old junior at the University of Miami, works hard to successfully juggle her pursuit of a degree in advertising with her competition schedule at WEF. “It’s convenient that I only have to commute from Miami. It makes it easy to come on the weekends, but it can still be hard to find that balance between school and riding,” she admitted.

Maounis, who also competes with her longtime mount Sienna in the 3’6″ Amateur-Owner Hunter division, will continue to show in the 3’3″ Amateur-Owner division with Luke for the remaining weeks of WEF. “I hope I keep doing well, and that I get to compete in the 3’6″ amateurs with Luke soon,” she said.

Competition for WEF 9 comes to a close on Sunday, featuring the crowning of the Autism Speaks Children’s Pony Hunter Small/Medium champion in ring 11. Also taking place on Sunday in the International Ring will be the $86,000 Suncast® 1.50m Championship Jumper Classic. For more information and full results, please visit www.PBIEC.com.

Lauren Fisher and Callie Seaman for Jennifer Wood Media, Inc.