Michael Burnett Snags Repeat Victory in the $7,500 Futures Prix at WEC

The $7,500 Futures Prix 1.30m sponsored by Voltaire at the World Equestrian Center featured a similar course to the $25,000 WEC Grand Prix with several combinations and turn options, but with just two jumps by the in gate. The time allowed in the first round of the Futures Prix was 81 seconds, being that the course was a bit shorter than the Grand Prix’s course. The Futures Prix was run in a Table II format, seeing riders continuing directly into the jump-off after their first clean round.

Jennifer Waxman and Lazuli II SCF sail through the jump off. Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography.

It did not take long before the crowd saw a clear first round. Third in the order of go were last week’s $7,500 Futures Prix 1.30 m winners, Michael D. Burnett and his own Iron (Iroko x Ikurrina Timbera). The pair brought the same power to the arena they did last week, surging through the first course, leaving all rails up in a time of 75.971 seconds. Burnett and Iron continued straight into the jump-off, again powering through the course, crossing the timers clear and setting the time to beat at 31.664 seconds.

The next clear round of the night was ridden by Jennifer Waxman aboard Spy Coast Farm’s Lazuli II SCF (Numero Uno x Lazuli). The pair were careful in the first round, jumping clean in a time of 73.659 seconds. They continued into the jump-off, riding a second clear round, but could not catch Burnett and Iron’s time, stopping the clock at 33.336 seconds.

David Q. Beisel and Five Star attempt to beat Burnett and Iron’s jump off time. Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography. 

The only pair of the night that came close to Burnett and Iron’s time was David Q. Beisel and Rev Media Marketing’s Five Star (Oh Star x Pina Colada). Jumping a clear first round in 79.719 seconds, the duo picked up the pace in the jump off. While they were fast, they were not quick enough to beat Burnett and Iron, crossing the timers with all rails up at 32.346 seconds, which was enough to land the pair in second place.

Michael D. Burnett of Burnett Farms, Lebanon, Indiana, took a moment to chat about his winning streak with us. Burnett and Iron have been a team for eleven years, and it truly shows in the arena. Burnett knows Iron like the back of his hand and can plan meticulously what will work best for Iron on course.

Michael D. Burnett and Iron proved unbeatable for the second week in a row. Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography. 

“I was a little bit intimidated by the first two big oxers because Iron is the type that needs a little warm up before you point him at something big,” Burnett explained,  “Then I thought the rest of the course was super nice. The lines rode great. In the jump-off I had planned to do seven [up the last line] because [Iron] would hit it with the right shoulder if I sliced it [to leave a stride out], but the six came up great!” Burnett plans to give Iron some well-deserved rest after his back-to-back Futures Prix wins.

$7,500 Futures Prix 1.30 m Results

  1. Iron, Michael D. Burnett – 0 | 0 | 31.664
  2. Five Star, David Q Beisel – 0 | 0 | 32.346
  3. Lazuli II SCF, Jennifer Waxman – 0 | 0 | 33.336
  4. Angelo, David Q. Beisel – 0 | 0 | 34.753
  5. Strawberry, Molly Kindness – 0| 4 | 36.045
  6. KTS Diregina, Allie L. Mcbreen – 0 | 8 | 35.240
  7. Diesel, Paul Halpern – 1 | 81.694
  8. For Sunday, David Q. Beisel – 4 | 73.275
  9. First Finch, Logan Taylor – 4 | 73.629
  10. Cancun, Kamille H. Marcussen – 4 | 75.971