#MindYourMelon: Back at the Barn with Kentucky Performance Products

In recognition of international helmet awareness weekend – our favorite #mindyourmelon posts!

When I took my spouse riding for the first time, he was terribly embarrassed about the helmet ordeal. His grandfather and many generations prior had been cattle ranchers, and helmets weren’t part of the look.

My husband also happens to be an avid mountain biker, and I said, “If you saw someone heading down a steep slickrock trail on a bike with no helmet, what would you think?” I asked.

“I would think that guy is an idiot,” he responded. Long pause. “Oh.”

A lot of helmet use – across sports – is engrained in the sport’s culture. Sometimes it happens right away, and sometimes it takes years for the culture to shift to what safety technology is available to them. Every time you wear a helmet at home – during flat lessons, during jump lessons, during warm-up – you’re setting an important example for your community and changing the sport for good. In time, it will become unthinkable not to wear them.

Here’s a few of our favorite #mindyourmelon photos and stories from Helmet Awareness Day – Enjoy, wear that brain bucket, and Go Jumping!

"Id rather go naked than ride without a helmet" This campaign is one that is particularly close to my heart. The idea of the campaign is to raise awareness about traumatic brain injury and the importance of wearing a helmet every single time you sit in the saddle. The reason I decided to strip naked in the cold today is in the hope that even if i can make just one rider consider the dangers of riding without a helmet-even just for 5 minutes, then I've achieved my goal… because I know first hand what it's like recovering from a brain injury as a result of a fall. In 2009, I had a fall that left me with 3 bleeds on my brain. I was wearing a helmet and I was still left with these injuries (I've attached a hospital summary for those interested). I can say 100% that wearing a helmet that day is the reason I'm still alive today. The horse I fell from was quiet and it wasn't his fault, he just slipped. It was a long recovery and something I wouldn't wish on anyone. I was forced to quit riding because I couldn't risk another impact to the head, I missed school, social events and was petrified I'd never fully recover. I was so lost without being able to ride and it was a very long six years out of the saddle. Starting again at 22 after a 6 year break has been like starting from scratch. Not only did it take a toll on me but also my Mum. She was there for me every step of the way, but without a helmet on she could have been attending my funeral instead of my hospital bed; remember the impact your choices make not just on you but also your loved ones. So please, if ever you find yourself thinking "he's chill, it'll be fine," or "it's only 5 minutes, nothing will happen," please reconsider-because all it takes is one tiny thing to go wrong, and had I have used any of these excuses-I would have died that day. You only get one brain, so look after it ❤ #nakedchallenge2017 #helmetawareness

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Throwback to when my helmet truly saved my life 👌#mindyourmelon #internationalhelmetawarenessday

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