Saut Hermès Day 1 Round Up: Full Video, Epic French Showdown +More

Saut Hermès 2017
Emanuele Gaudiano and Carlotta. PC: LD Frederic Chehu

The Saut Hermès CSI 5* at the Grand Palais in Paris is one of the most stunning and revered events of the year for show jumpers, and 15 of the top 30 riders in the world have arrived, top horses in tow, to jump under the iconic glass dome this weekend.

On Friday, classes got underway for both the FEI riders and the up-and-coming U25 contestants, and audiences were treated to some incredible sport.

Class 1 –  1.45m CSI 5*, Two Phase

Emanuele Gaudiano of Italy was the top dog of the 17 combinations, riding the young and promising mare Carlotta 232 into the winner’s circle. The completed the short and brutal jump-off in 28.35 seconds.

“My mare Carlotta is just fantastic. Last week she won two similar classes at the five-star in the Netherlands,” Said Emanuele. ” I am really pleased to be here for a second time at Saut Hermès; I injured my hand in February and I was not sure I would be able to make it. Fortunately, I am much better, so it makes me feel even happier to actually be here and win this magnificent competition!”

Runner-up status went to British dame Louise Saywell with her stallion Peiter VI, completing the jump-off in 29.77 seconds. Max Kuhner of Austria was third aboard Chardonnay 79, who also laid down a clear round but with a more careful time of 32.51.

Watch the full class here (in English and French):

Class 2: U25 1.40m two phase

Jessie Drea of Great Britain reached into the open jaws of competition and stole a victory at the 11th hour from Swiss rider Laetitia du Coudedic, who led the jump-off for several competitors. Jessie was the second-to-last rider in the jump-off, and she and Mullaghdrin Touch the Stars passed the timers just 3/100s of a second faster than Laetitia and Cheyenne 111 Z.

Jesse Drea and Touch the Stars. PC:LD Frederic Chehu

“I was lucky enough to compete in the Talents Hermes in 2014,” says Jessie. “It certainly is the best competition I have ever taken part in. I’m very proud to be here. The arena here is tricky and quite difficult to ride, especially with a horse like Touch the Stars that has a big stride. But he was fantastic and I hope that he will stay like that all weekend!”

Emma Talberg of Finland was the final rider of the jump-off, and took third aboard Arven.

Class 3: CSI 5* Prix Hermes Sellier

The final class of the day was the most thrilling – An epic showdown between two iconic French riders in front of the home crowd! The 1.50m race against the clock came down to spectacular rounds by Patrice Delaveau aboard Carinjo HDC and Roger Yves-Bost on Pegase du Murier. Patrice and the veteran 16-year-old stallion stopped the clock clean and with 56.54 seconds, just edging Bosty and his big gray, who put forward a 57.19.

Saut Herms 2017
Patrice Delaveau. PC: LD Frederic Chehu
Roger Yves-Bost. PC: LD Frederic Chehu

“To beat Bosty, I had to gain a stride at nearly every section of the course, without pushing my horse to the limit,” explained Patrice. “I went as fast as I could without making Carinjo lose his footing. He is 16 years old, and so I want to target the right classes. He is really at ease in this arena and this type of class. I’m really happy. It’s always great to win, but winning here means that little bit more. You can hear it in the crowd. You can hear the spectators rooting for you even more here!”

Watch the full class here (in English and French):

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