Scenes From WEC Ohio, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

Ahhh the World Equestrian Center. You’d know that pristine white backdrop and stunning row of stabling anywhere. It stands out as an immaculate, bodaciously bright indoor joy in a sea of dark dank drabbiness. It just might be the perfect venue. Are there churros at the concessions stands? Someone let us know, and if so, BRB, heading to Ohio now.

In the meantime, enjoy a nice stroll through all the goodness that awaits you in Wilmington, Ohio, courtesy of our friends to the state just yonder, Kentucky Performance Products!

First day of showing at WEC- Dexter in the baby greens! #worldequestriancenter

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Can't wait to go back WEC in January! #worldequestriancenter #showjumping #horseshowlife

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New guy is pretty cool. 🤙🏼

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A unicorn for a porcupine❤️

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When your black horse turns blue 💙

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Best Horse Show Dog ever! Eli makes friends wherever he goes. ❤️

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Horse show life.

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Once you get past the initial Fraggle Rock-ness, it’s such a lovely facility!

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It's off to work we go!!! #stella #riverhollowfarm #silvercharm #lovethosegreys #teamclarella

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Go WEC, and Go Jumping!

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