Sonoma Horse Park Organizers: Telling it Like it is Since 2010

If you’ve ever planned so much as a schooling show, let alone a rated circuit series, then this charming message from Sonoma Horse Park will hit you right in the planning feels.

In honor of every heroic organizer, show mom, volunteer or paid grunt who has meticulously painted stripes on 38 billion poles, we salute the sentiment, SHP! Also, we’re gonna rub the rails and knock’em down like mad, whether we like it or not. Sorry about that.

Established in 2010, Sonoma Horse Park is a horse show facility located 25 miles north of San Francisco. They host seven show jumping competitions annually, each attracting top competitors from all over the Western United States, Canada and Mexico. Known for its beautiful grounds and innovative competitions and events, Sonoma Horse Park is the largest horse show series in Northern California. You can learn more about them at their website. [Sonoma Horse Park]

Go Jumping!