Split Rock Jumping Tour: The Cutest Post-Win Interview of All Time?

The Split Rock Jumping Tour in Lexington, Kentucky is a show jumping fan favorite, and offers up no shortage of opportunity to see the best at all levels. (Especially since it’s live streamed free on the US Equestrian network!)

But just two days in, we might have already picked our favorite moment from the whole weekend: This interview with 12-year-old Ansgar Holtgers, Jr. after he won the $2,000 Child/Adult 1.10 meter class aboard No Regrets VIII.

Indeed, Ansgar did have a bit of a tough trip earlier in the day aboard his first mount, but he gathered himself together for his second ride to put in the fastest first round of the day, as well as winning the jump-off by four whole seconds!

“I just won the meter ten split rock $2,000 class, I’m very happy about that, and hopefully I can win more coming on Sunday,” said the strapping young Ansgar.

“I think I had a bad ride in the beginning of the class, I went first, and I cleared my mind and I went on my other one – that’s my favorite horse ever – and I did my best that I can do and it paid off.”

When asked where he learned to ride like that, Ansgar is terribly sweet and deflecting, like any good winning rider. “Well, my parents always rode and I just thought it was pretty cool and wanted to try it and I fell in love with it.”

And ride they do: Ansgar, Sr. is an FEI rider representing Germany but living stateside who competes all over the central and eastern US circuits, and Ellen Van Dyke Holtgers is a lifelong amateur equestrian.

With his $500 in winnings, Ansgar says he plans to “go buy more riding stuff and everything for my ponies and all that.”

Umm, we love you, Ansgar. Keep riding with flair!

Go Jumping.

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