Stud Crush of the Day: WT Leapfrog, Ridden by Mandy Porter

Sometimes we need to take a minute and appreciate the equine candy out there that could be the father of your future equine partner. This is one such minute.

The 🐸 is growing up! He finished his Colorado circuit placing in the 1.35m and in fine form. What a super 6-year-old! WT Leapfrog Wild Turkey Farm

Posted by Mandy Porter on Saturday, July 22, 2017

WT Leapfrog is a 2011 Holsteiner Stallion (Liocalyon x Carthago) with totally stunning looks, incredible athletic ability, and a pretty spectacular partner in the ring in Mandy Porter.

Owned by Wild Turkey Farm, the Frogger is living the fabulous double duty life as active show jumper and breeding stud, and his babies are just as cute as he is:

In the show ring, Leapfrog is tearing things up in his young state, winning the six-year-old classes at Colorado Horse Park three days in a row earlier this month. He covers ground like a machine and exhibits leagues of potential in the jumping springs department.

The 🐸 won the 6-year-olds again today! Good boy, WT Leapfrog!

Posted by Mandy Porter on Friday, July 14, 2017


Also, really good at looking good while standing there:

You can learn more about Leapfrog by following his very own fan page on Facebook, Following Mandy on Facebook, or visiting Wild Turkey Farms’ website.