The Greatest Victory Gallop / Saddle Bronc Ride Ever

Winning the class just wasn’t enough for Sara Brionne’s Quibel at Equita Lyon in France … The mare had to show off her skills in the victory gallop as well! After winning one of the early speed classes, Quibel proved she wanted another go at the course, and Sara Brionne proved all her time riding troublemakers in the pony jumpers really paid off.

In Quibel’s defense, at least she’s not a spin and buck type. But it doesn’t make Sara’s performance any less impressive! She sits the antics like it’s another day in the life of a champion.

According to a Dutch jumpers website, the 15-year-old Sara only recently moved from a very successful career in the pony jumpers to start in the horse world. She has ambition to move into the 1.45-1.60 Grand Prix classes, and to someday apprentice with leading frenchwoman Penelope Leprovost, who is her idol.

“It is said that I ride like her – that’s not on purpose, but she is my inspiration!” Sara told “She has a relationship with her horses, so I want the same with mine. I would like an internship with her so I can learn from her.”

This was a pretty good audition!

Go Sara, and Go Jumping.