TIEC Ambush Makeovers Make Riders Queen of the Ring

All summer long at the Tryon International Equestrian Center Summer Show Series, Tryon Tack, Beval Saddlery, and Cavalleria Toscana have been conspiring with friends and family to ambush and pamper TIEC’s hardest-working riders. The results are hilarious and the fashion is on fleek.

The ambushed riders have to put up with a little bit of embarrassment in discovering that their friends and family think they really, really need some new riding clothes, but once that part is over with, it’s all about making the  unsuspecting target feel like a million bucks in a brand new spectacular outfit from one of the most edgy and luxurious brands out there.

Check out the excerpt below of the first two makeovers, then swing by Tryon International Equestrian Center’s Facebook Page to see all the photos and get details about the fashion pieces!

Rider 1: 17-year-old Curry Sherard

Curry was nominated by her mom (aww!) and she had this to say about her:

“She works harder than any other 17 year old rider that I know. She is always first to the barn and last to leave. She takes full care of her horses even though she could have her wonderful trainer help. She never wants to ask for new clothes for riding because she knows how expensive this sport can be for her family. She is a great all around girl!”

Umm, get this girl a fancy show coat now, please and thank you.


PC: TIEC Media

The sponsoring cohorts did more than just hook her up with a coat, in fact; she got beautiful new show breeches, three new shirts (show ring and practice ring attire), a vest, a Cavalleria Toscana show coat (!!!) and an utterly to-die-for warmup jacket. JN likey.


PC: TIEC Media



PC: TIEC Media


Rider #2: Phoebe Alwine

Phoebe and her mare Minnie show in the children’s hunters, and they are a pretty adorable pair (as you’ll see!). She’s a hard worker who doesn’t ask for much, and it’s delightful to see her get spoiled by TIEC. Phoebe got a new impeccably fitting hunt coat, show shirt, breeches, practice tee and warmup jacket. The result is stunning!


PC: TIEC Media


PC: TIEC Media


PC: TIEC Media


PC: TIEC Media


PC: TIEC Media

If you’re on site, there’s still time to enter to win the last Ambush Makeover; Check out the form to nominate here. We’ll be bringing you two more of these wonderful ambush makeovers next week, so be sure to keep it locked on Jumper Nation!

Go Jumping.