Tori Colvin Scores Two Green Hunter Championships in Harrisburg


Tori Colvin and Snowday. PC: Al Cook Photo

Snowday had a field day at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show yesterday, as he and the new high-profile pro Tori Colvin snatched up the 3′ Green Hunter Championship and PNHS Perpetual Trophy. Tori would also take home top honors in the 3’3″ division aboard Antinori. Both horses are owned by John and Stephanie Ingram, who own the farm where Tori is based in Nashville.

Being based out of the Ingram’s farm is the real dream come true for Tori, who not only gets the great rides and great students, but also has the pleasure of the perfect working environment.

“I love making the young ones and then seeing them get better,” said Tori after her wins on Wednesday. “And working with the Ingram’s is amazing. Everyone at the barn is so nice and so calm. I have never been in a barn like it, where everybody is consistently nice. It is rare to have that in a barn. If the horses don’t do well, the attitude is that they are babies, so it is fine. I really like that.”

Tori and the gray Holsteiner gelding Snowday won both the over fences classes on Tuesday, and took second in the Under Saddle division. On Wednesday they once again outscored the competition with a 91 and looked well on their way to bringing home the championship. In the final over fences class, Snowday seemed to be fading a bit after two grueling days of competition and only scored a 78, but their consistency in the previous rounds held the lead, and granted them the championship.

“He got a little tired in the last class,” explained Colvin. “He is a horse that the Ingram’s purchased from Kent Farrington in Florida. He is only a 6-year-old and he has shown maybe four or five times. He doesn’t have as much experience as the regular horse, but he went around here better than we expected.”

“Every round he jumps he gets better. He was really consistent out there, but by the end he was exhausted, he didn’t know what was happening. He is just really nice. Next year I plan on doing the First Year’s with him and see how he does but eventually he will be John’s amateur horse. To see him end the year on such a high note is great!”

Tori Colvin and Antinori. PC: Al Cook Photo

Antinori Keeps the Ribbons Coming for Colvin

Tori had a pretty spectacular day all around, also picking up the 3’3″ Green Hunter division championship on Antinori, a seven-year-old Oldenburg gelding. He too won two of his over fences classes, won the under saddle, and stayed in the top five for the remaining classes.


“This is the second year that the Ingram’s have owned him,” said Tori. “He did the 3′ last year and I did him in the 3’3″ this year. Martha Ingram shows him in the Amateurs and he is really sweet for her. He is the perfect horse, he is so consistent, and jumps right around. He is pretty automatic. Martha and John are both really good riders, so you don’t really have to do much to get horses ready for them to ride. It is just getting them a little less green.”

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