West Palm Beach, Fla. – Feb. 19, 2016 – For one day each year, the United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA) Zone 4 Free Clinic provides amateurs and juniors who are active USHJA Zone 4 members throughout the Southeast the chance to learn from some of the best trainers in the industry at no cost. On Monday, Feb. 15, at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center, 30 riders took advantage of this great opportunity to ride with acclaimed trainer, FEI and USEF R judge, course designer and nine-time author, Randy Roy.


Photo: Emily Riden/Phelps Media Group

“I need to say how thrilled I was to be invited to do this clinic; it was very exciting for me,” Roy said. “I’ve done a lot of clinics, and this was incredibly rewarding. Everybody got done what I wanted them to do. They worked so hard at getting it done right, and I had a lot of positive feedback.


Photo: Emily Riden/Phelps Media Group

“At the end of each session, I was just thrilled at what we were able to accomplish with these horses and riders,” continued Roy. “They all came through. I was not disappointed in anybody. I really feel like every one of these people are going to take home what they learned.”

The USHJA Zone 4 Free Clinic ran throughout the day from 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m., offering four one and a half hour sessions, with fences ranging in height from 2′ to 3′. Tasked with the difficult job of maximizing his time with each of the riders in the sessions, Roy utilized the same beneficial exercises for each group, which consisted of beginning with flatwork before moving to a small gymnastic and then more challenging over fences work.

“I worked them on the flat, and they all worked on their position until I was satisfied,” said Roy. “No one graduates to cantering until they trot right, and then we move to lengthening and shortening of stride. I want to see them all be able to do that. The gymnastic is just so I can get an idea of the control of the horse. I don’t want them out of control; I want them in control, and then I can focus on style of jumping and what the rider does.

“If I don’t think the rider is doing the right thing in the gymnastic then they don’t graduate to a single jump until we get their position right, and I am happy with that,” continued Roy. “There were a number that I worked with on their release, and it instantly carried over to the jumps. We never did any lines; lines are free. Whether it’s four or five or six, when you jump in, it’s a gift coming out. You just have to find the in. So we just worked on single jumps.”

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Photo: Emily Riden/Phelps Media Group

Roy’s instruction was met with positive feedback from clinic participants of all ages.

“I thought it was wonderful,” said Zone 4 participant Carolyn Tribble. “I learned some new things, and I had a nice chance to practice some old skills and refresh myself.”

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Photo: Emily Riden/Phelps Media Group

In addition to the opportunity to enjoy all four clinic sessions, riders were treated to breakfast and a complimentary lunch from contributing sponsors: Carrabba’s of Royal Palm Beach and Starbucks.

The USHJA Zone 4 Free Clinic would also like to thank SmartPak for the company’s continuous support and sponsorship of the clinic, including the generous donation of saddle pads for each of the clinic’s participants. SmartPak also held a drawing at the clinic for a free month of SmartSupplements, which was won by Ashley Cottone of Hunter Creek Farm in Davie, Florida.

For more information on the United States Hunter Jumper Association or Zone 4, please visit www.ushja.org.

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Photo: Emily Riden/Phelps Media Group