WATCH: How to Desensitize your RRP Thoroughbred Makeover Mount

There are plenty rules of thumb regarding how to properly acclimate an OTTB to his/her new career in the hunter/jumper industry. Ground poles, lots of turnout, haul them around to plenty of shows so they can get a feel for the environment, the list goes on and on.

The team at Brookwood Farm Sport Horses in Conyers, Georgia decided to try a new approach for preparing their 2018 mount, Frankie, for life after the track. Watch as his rider, Kaelya Markl, introduces Frankie to a wee bit of yard work.


JC Name: Franchitti is a 2012 gelding who tried his hand….err…hoof at racing a whopping six times, only to bring home lifetime earnings of a whopping $785. Despite his less than successful race career, it appears as if Frankie is loving life off the track and taking every little step in stride.

Here’s to OTTBs and their awesome sense of adaptability. Now….where did I put that leaf blower?

Go Jumping!