WATCH: George Morris’s Absolutely Insane Gambler’s Choice Round at 1984 WIHS

George Morris and Brussels. Screenshot via YouTube.

You know how the day after Thanksgiving, everyone lets their inner holiday freak flag fly, and the Christmas lights go up and the two-story menorah is ablaze down the street and everyone just sort of loses their mind with Seasonal Cheer?

That’s exactly how the staff at Jumper Nation feels about the Monday before the Washington International Horse Show. It’s time to let loose all the good vibes for Capital City entertainment and dive into the archives for all the glorious things that have ever happened at WIHS.

There are so many, we could never pick a favorite, but we’d be lying if we said anything gets us cheerier for the whole affair than watching George Morris and Brussels do the absolute craziest, ridiculous stunts you’ve ever seen to try and win the Gambler’s Choice class.

We equally love the smooth-as-molasses but quicker-than-lightning round that followed by Conrad Homfield and Abdullah, which put the two riders at a tie for first with an incredible 1310 points.

The Gamblers Choice class lives on today at the Washington International Horse Show, and is the highlight of “Barn Night” on Thursday nights, where all the local barns can get discount tickets and sit together as a group. The Gamblers Choice is also now a costume class, and we have it on good authority that there’s going to be AT LEAST one Game of Thrones contestant this year. (EEEK!!!)

Jumper Nation will be on the ground giving you live reports from Washington D.C., so be sure to stick around with us all week for plenty of original, exciting, slightly ridiculous live content from our nations capital.

Go WIHS, and Go Jumping!

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