Weekly Circuit Sales List from Exchange Hunter Jumper

Hunters, jumpers, and ponies, oh my! Every week on the horse show circuit is another opportunity to take the next step in your career. Sometimes that means finding the perfect new partner who can soar to new heights and new sets of goals. We’re partnering with ExchangeHunterJumper.com to highlight some of the exceptional horses on the circuit this week who could be just that partner.

It can’t hurt to look, right? Here’s this week’s spectacular lineup! Click on the horse’s name to get to their full listing.

Emerald Coast Classic in Pensacola, FL:hudson-large-pony-champion3__lightbox

2006 14.2h Welsh/Holsteiner Gelding

Champion Large Pony Hunter & Winner O/F at 2014 USEF Pony Finals. Also Large Pony Hunter O/F winner at Harrisburg, ribbons from Devon & WEF, and additional top 25 finishes in the Model & U/S at Pony Finals. Big step, auto-changes, and very handy. Always a top hack prize and has the experience to show anywhere. Can also do the Childrens Pony Hunters and help his rider move up later. Loves attention and is very sweet to work with.

2007 16h Oldenburg Gelding

Terrific first Jr/AO Jumper, comes out willing each day and always tries hard for his rider. Has a record of prizes through 1.35m and good ribbons in company from WEF to Tryon. Scopey and athletic with clean technique, quick turns, and great bravery to the fences. Also has a good hind end and a beautiful jump that earned top Junior Hunter ribbons in earlier years. Good experience for those moving up and a legitimate competitor when they’re ready.

2012 16h Czech Warmblood Gelding

Darling young hunter that’s ready for a great Baby Green or Pre-Green season in 2017. Very sweet and quiet to ride and sure to find a happy home in the jr/am classes. Learns quickly and is well-started on lead changes and courses. Has a great temperament and lovely appeal for Ch/AA-Jr/AO Hunter prospect shoppers.

2004 13.2h Welsh X Gelding

Very competitive first division pony, always ready to horse show and will pack a tiny beginner around the jumps. Qualified 2016 Pony Finals in the Mediums and stands Top 15 in the country as we head into Spring. Huge quiet step, auto-changes, no prep. Moves well and gets a good piece of the hack, too. Wonderful personality and a very easy pony both on the ground and under saddle.rio-large-pony__lightbox
Touch the Sun
2008 14.2h Dutch Warmblood Gelding

Stylish young pony that is kind, safe and competitive. Extraordinarily brave in the show ring with an A+ temperament that should suit riders of any level. Huge step, totally automatic lead change, and a winner in both the model and hack. Currently 6th in the country in the Large Greens, qualified and ready to be a top contender at 2016 Pony Finals.

2010 14.1 1/2h Dutch Warmblood Gelding

Exquisite young pony ready to win in the Large Greens, has been to several shows for schooling and easily jumps around the 2’9” show courses. Very willing with excellent barn manners and an outstanding character. Brave to the jumps and suitable for a child to help their trainer finish.

promise-childrens-jumpers-3__lightboxBig Promise
2005 16.1h Dutch Warmblood Gelding

Miles through 1.35m with top prizes in the $20,000 1.35m Blue Ribbon Prix plus classic wins and tricolors in the 1.30m & 1.35m Jr/AO Jumpers. Great confidence builder through the Ch/AA divisions and can step a rider up to the 1.20m & 1.25m sections. Sharp and correct jumper with a great gallop; turns quickly and is very fast in the jump-offs. Brave and consistent in the show ring with a wonderful temperament for jr/am owners.

World Equestrian Center Fall Show in Wilmington, OH:

2007 17h Westphalian Gelding

Stunning 3’6” hunter & derby horse ready to win for a serious junior or amateur rider. Tops 2016 Zone 5 First Year standings with numerous championships throughout the season, plus ribboned at the 2016 International Hunter Derby Championships and in the $25,000 Derby at Devon. Huge stride plus incredibly handy and can also do the equitation. Very brave in the show ring and jumps everything he’s pointed at. Extra scopey for the High Performance classes, or jr/ams with big hunter derby goals, and will be a top competitor anywhere.

Encore CBF
2009 16h Dutch Warmblood Gelding by Indoctro

Beautiful Small Junior candidate, smartly developed by a professional and ready to peak in the jr/am classes. Naturally quiet with a great canter, jump, and jr/am temperament. Qualified Devon in the Greens and has a slew of National Hunter Derby ribbons. Fantastic quality for the Ch/AA-Jr/AO Hunters, handy enough for the equitation & derbies, and kind enough to take a 2’6” rider all the way. Always comes out willing and has even taught a few novice lessons at home.

2009 16h Oldenburg Mare by Reesling

Brave and honest 3’6” jumper & equitation candidate, just finished first show season with ribbons in the hunters, jumpers, and equitation to 2’9”. Loves to horse show and was an absolute pleasure to have along. Needs finishing but has an enormous work ethic and is very trustworthy. Competitively priced for juniors or amateurs shifting focus to jumpers & equitation and eager to move up. Can also show the hunters in good style and ribboned well in the adults at 2016 GLEF.

2001 16.1h Hanoverian Gelding

Well-educated schoolmaster with the step & scope of a veteran 3’6” horse. Honest, kind, straightforward, and always quiet. Has auto-changes and a history of main ring experience for riders moving up on big circuits. Suitable for hunter & equitation goals to 3’, and safe enough for a novice rider’s show ring debut. Tolerates kids, amateurs, beginners, and even the perpetually timid.

2006 17.2h Dutch Warmblood Gelding by Larino

Great amateur experience and ready to finish for the Jr/AO Jumpers, Talent Search, &/or 3’6” equitation. Honest and brave and tolerates mistakes well. Careful but not apprehensive, and strong but not overpowering. Lots of jump and scope and could potentially be a 1.40m horse. Show miles through 1.25m and lots of time living at home with his amateur owner.