Weekly Sales Circuit: Park Lane Horses

Whether you’re currently in the market for a new horse, casually thinking about your next partner, or creating a wish list of your dream horses, read on for some horses for sale that we love.

Featured this week are sale horses from Park Lane Horses.  Park Lane Horses offers imported European hunters, jumpers, and equitation horses for sale.  Buyers enjoy all the quality of a European import at a fraction of the risk.  Horses are selected from top breeders based on mind, conformation, and ability and must pass extensive vettings.  They are then tested for a minimum of one month before being imported to ensure suitability for the North American market.  On arrival to North America, horses can be tried at state-of-the-art facilities in Canada (May-November) and Ocala, Florida (December-April).  For those unable to travel to Europe for their next partner and are uncomfortable with a sight unseen purchase, Park Lane Horses is the solution.

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Photo by Bryan Nigro.

Proven Jr/Am horse for all levels of the hunters and hunter medals. Very comfortable to ride with a huge step, loads of scope, and enough quality to win. Wonderful loopy-rein, kick-along type that’s reliably quiet – but not dead! and comes out the same every day. Great show miles in the 3’3” & 3’6” Greens, Adult Hunters, and Junior Hunters, including a 3rd Place finish at 2017 Junior Hunter Finals. Handsome and very stylish with good flatwork, too. Fabulous teacher and ready for any number of show goals from 2’6” to 3’6”.


Photo by Ben Radvanyt.

Successful young jumper that’s easily quiet enough for the hunters and simple enough for the equitation. Won first round of her $10,000 5 y.o. Jumper Finals and has plenty of scope to jump the 1.35m classes – but also loves loping around the amateur hunter courses, even with a timid adult in the tack. Very tolerant of mistakes and rides quiet without being dull. Big step, brave to the jumps, and extremely comfortable to ride. Super sweet to have in the barn & not at all mare-ish to handle. Suitable for riders moving up and will be a rock star in the Ch/AA or Jr/AO Hunters.


Photo by Ben Radvanyt.

Wonderful schoolmaster with a huge Childrens and Junior Hunter record in Canada. Great step down the lines, easy auto changes, and never spooks at the fences. Jumps with a superb front end yet quiet back, and is perfect for amateurs or aspiring equitation riders. Also knows all the flatwork and earns a good prize under saddle. Excellent lease opportunity for riders stepping up to the 3’ divisions; this one knows his job and is always happy to do it. Short-term, monthly, and circuit leases considered.

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Jumper Nation assumes no liability for the validity of the information in these sale listings. We always recommend consulting your trainer and conducting a pre-purchase exam.

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