Wyndmont, Inc. Focuses on Young Horse and Young Rider Development

Shawn Casady and Twister. PC: Rebecca Walton

Wellington, Fla. – May 3, 2017 – The last 18 months have been as memorable as ever for the Wyndmont, Inc. team. With the 2016 Olympic Games and a successful winter season behind them, there was no better time to evaluate the future of their business. After careful consideration, the team has decided to refocus their efforts on the development and sale of young horses.

Wyndmont, Inc. will be collaborating with John Madden Sales, Inc. and Shawn Casady to develop their recently imported string of young horses.

“It was time to build on our success,” said Ronnie Beard. “We were proud of Valinski’s performance in the Games, as well as in the show ring during the Winter Equestrian Festival. Todd Minikus had sensational rides on all our horses this winter, and we couldn’t have asked for more ­- we look forward to working with him in the future. Now, we want to concentrate our efforts on developing young horses and young riders.”

Madden is the owner and founder of John Madden Sales Inc., a business that buys, sells and trains horses of all ages and prepares riders for high-level competition. He has trained riders for four Olympic Games, as well as for multiple FEI World Cup Finals and FEI World Equestrian Games.

“Many years ago, I worked with Ronnie as a groom,” Madden explained. “Over the years, we’ve kept in contact. He is someone that is always giving back to the sport. He shares his experience and knowledge on multiple committees and that is something I’ve always admired and also take part in.”

Beard has welcomed two new young horses in Wellington, while Dorman travels Europe with Casady in search for potential additions to their superb roster. Wyndmont will be based out of Saugerties, New York for the summer, where they will focus on competing the 6 and 7-year-old jumper divisions.

Madden added, “Anything we can do to further Shawn’s development as a rider and professional is worth doing. He and others like him are the future of this sport. It’s important to develop them as best we can.”

Casady is an upcoming athlete, who has earned several notable wins in the U25 division.

Beard concluded, “We are thrilled to be working with John Madden and Shawn Casady. We believe Shawn is a great fit for our team. He is the rider we want in the saddle as we help these talented new horses gain valuable experience in the show ring.”

Wyndmont Inc. consistently produces top quality jumper and hunter horses and training for professional and amateur athletes. Throughout the year, Beard and Dorman frequently travel with their talented string of horses and clients to compete at many of the nations’ most prestigious horse shows. The pair is passionate about helping their students and horses succeed at the top level of competition and are always open to helping riders find the horse which is best suited to help them meet their unique goals.

To learn more about Wyndmont Inc., their top show horses offered for sale and students, please visit their website www.wyndmont.com.