Equine Education Network Expands to Include Equine Athletic Programs

Many horse-loving youth first start thinking about their college choices around riding and competing opportunities available at an institution. The Equine Education Network (EEN), sponsored by The Right Program For U, was established in 2014 to connect individuals interested in pursuing studies and/or careers in the equine industry to the educational institutions with the curricula they seek. The network has now been expanded to also direct individuals to equine athletic programs at participating educational institutions.

The EEN is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive searchable database that includes all levels of post-secondary equine options – majors, minors, certificates, courses, etc. Not only is there a link to the main website of the college or university, every equine related program within a college is identified by name with a direct link to the information about that specific discipline. Students and parents can easily discover what is available in equine-related fields.

Equine Education Network

The EEN now includes all the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) member schools as well as NCEA member schools (the NCAA equine division). Polo, Dressage, Eventing and Rodeo teams are being added.

“Through our partnership with The Right Program for U, an educational consulting firm specializing in the fields of equine higher education, equine welfare, and equine policy, the EQUUS Foundation is able to offer this much needed resource to help increase interest in equine careers,” said Lynn Coakley, EQUUS Foundation President.

Another exciting development for the EEN is its incorporation into a new global smartphone app called Equine Academics. Equine Academics is a national promotional and broadcasting network with the primary focus of disseminating trusted information from academic and industry leaders on all things equine.

Equine Education Network@EQUUS Foundation is one of six channels with various resources and information within each channel. The Equine Education Network@EQUUS Foundation Channel not only includes the search for college offerings, but also an Equine College and Career Column, Resource Links on Colleges and Careers, Featured Academic Bloggers, Individual College Pages, and a link to the equine college consulting firm, Right Program 4 U.

Download the free smartphone app now to be a part of this innovative technology! Search in your App Store or click here from your phone or tablet.