Long Spot Mondays

Another Monday, another day of feeling like you just. can’t. see. the. distance. Am I out four forward ones or five steady ones? Oh, three and a half? Okay. Yes. Let’s just launch from here and hold on for dear life. I can do that.

You can do it and you will do it. Let’s all survive the long spot together shall we?

This week’s featured long spot comes to us from Lucrecia Carmona and her lovely mount Toby. Together they are among the top young competitors in Mexico, regularly appearing atop the leaderboard in the nation’s rated shows.

In this particular clip, they find themselves in bit of a long spot, but in masterful Monday motivation fashion, they manage to get the job done regardless, showing exactly why they’re the future of Mexican Show Jumping!

Another fun fact that we learned courtesy of Lucrecia’s gorgeous and fascinating IG feed: First Place ribbons in Mexico aren’t blue, they’re gorgeous green!

This matches the colors of Mexico’s flag, and they’re pretty swanky, if I do say so myself.

Thanks for sharing, Lucrecia, and if you’ve got a longspot of your own to share, tag it on instagram with #longspotmondays or email our editor at lorraine@nationmediallc.com.

Go Jumping!