As our year winds down, winter showing opportunities, big and small, continue to present themselves! In North America we have the Fort Worth leg of the Split Rock Jumping Tour, with a CSI4*. There is the Holiday Classic from HITS Ocala, and the Holiday AA Show in Wellington, at ESP. WEC-Ohio has their second Winter Classic, and there are other shows from NY to Texas! Internationally, the U.K. has two big events, with the return of the London International Horse Show (including dressage and driving!) holding a 5* World Cup, and the Keysoe holding a national show (including Young Horse). Poland is having a big event in Poznań, with everything from a 3* World Cup to four-in-hand driving competitions to ponies to a horse auction!

Check out ShowAssist’s video for American competitions and then scroll down for a list of FEI events. What are you doing this week?

Photo Credits: Four Oaks Creative


CSI5*-W and CSI1* at the Prince Faisal Olympic Complex in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

CSI5*-W at the ExCel London in London, U.K.

CSI4*-W at the Will Rogers Equestrian Center in Fort Worth, TX, USA

CSI3*-W, CSI1*, CSIYH1*, and CSIAm-A at the Międzynarodowe Targi Poznański, in Poznań, Poland

CSI2* and CSIYH1* at Keysoe International in Keysoe, Bedford, U.K.

CSI2*, CSI1*, and CSIYH1* at the Azelhof in Lier, Belgium

CSI2*, CSI1*, and CSIYH1* at the Peelbergen Equestrian Center in Kronenberg, Netherlands