Renee Spurge of LA Saddlery: On Closing the Store, Going Mobile, and Brands That Matter

Best Brands to Watch for Value and Quality According to Renee Spurge from LA Saddlery

The Penelope show shirt by Romfh
Photo provided by LA Saddlery
I know it is most likely past the “official” introductory period, but seeing as this is my first 2017 press release, I would like to extend a Happy New Year to all of you, wonderful crazy horse people!  As most of you know, after 9 magnificent years, I decided to close our store at the Los Angeles Equestrian. But the good news for all of my equestrian fashion enthusiasts, is that I have been granted the gift of more time to spend at the horse shows, as well as expand LA Saddlery’s amazing collection of clothing and accessory brands.
Over the past few months I have also had time to reflect on on our little industry, and how fast it has changed over the past decade.  With the explosion of the internet, social media, mass production overseas, and large corporate take overs, we have to consistently be proactive about building meaningful relationships, practicing our loyalty, and giving respect to businesses who have a foundation of integrity not greed.
Goode Rider clothing
Photo provided by LA Saddlery
After years of supporting and in many ways building brands for select equestrian companies, I have made the decision to let a few bad seeds go, and exclusively work with companies who understand that the most important things are the people they serve as well as serving up great product.
I would like to kick off this year with a few accolades, to some of the companies and people behind the brands that really embody the qualities I am honored to support through my business and to sell to all of you.
Best Quality for the Price Point Award goes to the lovely lady Laura Romfh. Her Penelope show shirt is a stand out to me, and I am always excited to see how she continues to evolve as a designer and horse woman.
Most Consistent in Quality and Aesthetic for a Lifestyle Brand Award, hands down, goes to the brilliant women of Goode Rider who continue to pump out great collections while taking care of their families both two and four-legged.
Winston Devon show coat
Photo provided by LA Saddlery
Best Brand at Reinventing the Wheel of Tradition Without Compromising Their Design Values is Winston Equestrian.  Still the best-selling coat I carry, Winston Equestrian stepped up their game last season with their Devon Coat and stunning new color combinations.
Best New Italian Show Apparel Brand (that hasn’t killed me on the pricing), goes to Iago! Maybe because I found this brand before it was a brand in the US, or maybe it’s because they make incredibly classic, clean and elegant show clothing…either way I am excited about it. This is the brand to watch in 2017.
Best of luck to all the West Palm Events show participants.  I look forward to styling every one of you this year!
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Renee Spurge for West Palms Events
IAGO show clothes
Photo provided by LA Saddlery