The JN Staff Give Thanks

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Jumper Nation team gathered together to give thanks for the many blessings in their lives. I think it is safe to say that first and foremost we are especially grateful to each of you who check in with JN every day for your daily dose of news or humor. Our readers keep us going and we are so thankful that you choose JN as your source for Hunter Jumper entertainment.

Photo by Anne Weber

Meagan DeLisle: I try to count my blessings every day, but each year as I sit down to write out these little thank you’s I am truly reminded of just how blessed I am. I am so grateful to everyone who has helped me to be a better me this year. The list is never-ending and I know I am going to leave someone off, so I apologize. Thanks to my trainer, Jen Robertson, for never giving up on me, even when I started to give up on myself. Thanks to Morgan and Tammi for adopting me, housing me, feeding me and supporting me all year long. Thanks to Wayne for loving me, even when I am a little horse-crazy. Thanks to George for pushing me, challenging me, calling me a birdbrain and giving me more homework for next year. And thanks to all of you for following along with my crazy life and offering me your kind words of encouragement throughout the year. I am so blessed to call this crazy life my own and to get to ride alongside some very special people.

Photo by Riggitupranchdesigns 

Melissa Collins:  This holiday season there is so much to look around and be thankful for. God, my friends and family, of course, are always at the top of my list, but as I look around at my farm, the horses grazing outside in the frosty pastures, I can’t help but be so thankful for the past year and the growth my business has encountered.  From a small nowhere farm in rural Kentucky and a no-name trainer, I am so thankful for the clients and my husband that have stood beside me this year as I give up any sort of “normal” lifestyle to pursue this dream.  I know my husband cringes at the non-stop hours, life on the road and my phone that seemingly never stops buzzing, but he does it all with a smile.  Cheers to this expensive, painful, emotionally exhausting sport that we all love so much and are so thankful to be a part of.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo by Allison Howell

Kristen Kovatch: As Jumper Nation’s token cowgirl (insert collective gasp here) I’m so thankful this year for all of my colleagues and friends across Nation Media for reminding me what a great community we’ve built. For me, it really hit home earlier this autumn at the Retired Racehorse Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover, hacking around the Kentucky Horse Park with field hunter/competitive trail Meagan DeLisle of Jumper Nation and eventer Kate Samuels of Eventing Nation — the first time all three sites had ever been represented simultaneously in person. We had never met before face to face, but here we were riding and talking and laughing together like we had known each other all our lives. Back at home, the rest of the team was cheering us on every step of the way, regardless of discipline. That’s a special community, and one that I’m so thankful to be part of.

Photo Courtesy of Dominique Gonzalez

Dominique Gonzalez: Every Thanksgiving I reflect back on how the year went and if it was a rough one or a good one. I still come out thinking I’m thankful for everyone involved. The biggest thank you goes to my parents, who’ve taught me everything I’ve learned. I wouldn’t be here without the horses who always try to put their best foot forward whenever I ask. The whole team, my parents, grooms, horses and friends who have made it a memorable year. As always a thank you to my very best friends who have tolerated me on my best and worst days and told me to keep going no matter what. Just a big thank you to everyone who has helped me this year!

Photo courtesy of Anne Warner

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