6 Things Your Extended Family Will Ask You At Thanksgiving

Ohhh Thanksgiving. We love you and the delicious food you bring to the table. What we don’t love, however, is the always awkward conversations you make us tolerate with our extended family. While this is pretty much a Thanksgiving rite-of-passage, it is especially difficult for us horse-people as we try and trudge through the same questions year after year from our extended family…

Oh, you are still doing that horse thing?

Yes, Janet, I am. I see you still do that “prying into everyone’s business thing” as well.

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One day you are going to have to give that horse stuff up and have a baby, you know?

I never know how to respond to this one. Actually, let me rephrase that: I never know how to respond to this one in a way that won’t get me kicked under the table by my mother.


How was your last rodeo?

No matter how many times you tell them that no, you do not barrel race, they WILL forget.


My bosses daughter has a friend whose nephew’s girlfriend rides horses, do you know her?

Why yes, Aunt Sharon, I do know everyone on the planet who has ever dreamed of riding a horse. We are best friends actually. We drink tea with the queen every Wednesday.


You know, if you didn’t ride those horses you would have so much money in your bank account!



Can your cousin Susie go out and ride your horse real fast?

*Thinks about how your horse tried to buck you off twice yesterday…*

“Yeah… maybe next year. I think my horse might not be feeling well today.”


Go Jumping!